February 26, 2016

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Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Healthcare - Ben Carson


 Party: Republican
 Wants to Repeal Obamacare: Yes Replace With: The retired neurosurgeon wants to expand the use of health savings accounts (HSAs), for which he uses a new moniker — health empowerment accounts (HEAs). Individuals and employers would fund HEAs, which would be owned by the person seeking to purchase health insurance. HEAs would be portable, thereby owned by the individual and not tied to a person's employment or location. These accounts would be created at bitrth using a social security card, and funds can be transferred to family members upon death. Individuals can buy health insurance as they choose. Every dollar of the money kept in these accounts can be spent on medical care instead of having to meet deductibles, co-pays and other traditional cost-sharing mechanisms. Medicare beneficiaries would receive a fixed amount of money from the federal government paid to the HEA that they would use to purchase health insurance. Carson also intends to increase Medicare eligibility age requirements. It will increase by one year (to 66) in six years and by two years (age 67) in 12 years. 
 Medicaid beneficiaries would receive a fixed dollar amount that the federal government would provide to states and the states will distribute to individual HEAs. Enrollees will buy health insurance from the private insurance market. 

Source: Official Ben Carson for President Website


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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