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10 Finalists Chosen For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (Wound Glove)10 Finalists Chosen For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (Wound Glove)

Wound Measurement Glove

November 10, 2014

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10 Finalists Chosen For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (Wound Glove)

Wound Measurement Glove

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How does the device work?

The rubber glove that must be worn by the healthcare provider will be printed or embossed with a measuring scale along index finger, thumb and medial aspect of hand. This allows for a simple inexpensive and accurate method of measuring wounds and avoid use of external devices leaving room for cross contamination therefore increasing the hospital rate. In accordance with this new method, the scale on the glove is held along the visible wound. Taking a quick and direct measurement allowing the provider to document data with the other hand. The glove is donned inside itself while containing any bacteria that it may have come in contact with.

What problem in healthcare does it solve?

Limits the purchase and storage of additional measuring devices. Prevents the reporting of inaccurate measurements in order for the healthcare worker to maintain compliance for chart reviews.
Provides researchers with accurate conclusions of their study of the healing or degrading of wounds. Saves time when multiple measurements are necessary.

Limits cross contamination by the mishandling of measuring devices, as a result limits re-hospitalization rates and or home health assisted IV therapy.

Why should the device be commercialized?

The following graph is based on surveys sent to healthcare workers over the U.S.A. Indicate the following.
1.increase in efficiency of care
2.assist in cross contamination prevention
3.facilitate accurate wound measurements in a timely manner. These surveys indicate substantial positive results.

Global disposable medical gloves market to reach U.S. 3.4 billion dollars by 2015, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
The global market survived the healthcare industry crisis in its entirety.

Due to the rise in infectious disease, the glove must be worn by all those who come into contact with the wound.

Ensures purchase of the glove on the largest scale of the entire medical industry. Doctors and nurses use approximately 10 billion on a yearly basis in the USA alone.

What inspired you to design this device?

Working in the healthcare field and witnessing the time constraints and documentation changes that have been implemented on a frequent efficient basis. Working in the home health field for ten of those years in Chicago with limited carrying space. I always have the gloves with me.

Looking for a way to maintain compliance as required by the C.M.E. in the most efficient and productive way.


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