November 10, 2014

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10 Finalists Chosen For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (Synchroject)



How does the device work?

Imagine a delivery system in which a powder and liquid can be mixed and delivered in one single maneuver. No ancillary saline, syringes or equipment needed. No measuring, dripping or spillage. No cross contamination or errors in mixing. Imagine a system that comes in premeasured single use sizes, so there is no waste of unused product or weakening of the remaining solution. All of this packaged in a simple, cost effective, easy to use, sterilizable syringe that has been in the industry for over 70 years!

The Synchroject syringe is a sterilizable metal (or disposable plastic) syringe that holds 2 separate glass capsules or "cartridges" containing a lyophilized drug and a diluent, and instantly mixes them and delivers the drug.

It is based on a typical dental syringe, but has one very special feature (as I will explain below). Also, instead of 1 glass cartridge (holding the anesthetic), there are 2 smaller glass cartridges that are placed inside in tandem. The bottom cartridge has the lyophilized drug and the top cartridge has the diluent. Instead of a stopper on the back of each cartridge, there is a patent pending "lyostopper" (a stopper that allows lyophilized drug to be packaged in a vacuum), which also acts as a plunger.

The secret is a retractable hollow needle in the rod of the syringe that when activated, passes thru the back cartridge into the front cartridge, allowing the diluent to mix with the lyophilized drug.

What problem in healthcare does it solve?

There are estimated to be thousands of medication mixing errors in hospitals, physicians’ offices, and homecare settings. There are also many serious safety issues with regard to the traditional multi-dose vial.

Synchroject will also revolutionize homecare medication administration. Imagine the frustration millions of patients and their caregivers feel, when they have to mix and measure their fertility drugs, blood thinners or any other home administered drugs, with an array confusing vials and syringes.

Why should the device be commercialized?

There have been some breakthroughs in the market with regards to a dual chambered single dose syringe, however all these have been expensive to produce, bulky, and required specialized filling facilities.

The Synchroject syringe is the world’s first commercially viable single-dose delivery system for drugs requiring reconstitution. This simple but elegant system offers enhanced control while providing multiple uses in a sterilizable apparatus.

With one US patent and one pending, PCT's in Canada and Europe, and a fully operational prototype, Synchroject is perched to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

What inspired you to design this device?

I am a practicing Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who teaches other physicians/dentists how to inject Botulinum Toxin and Facial fillers.

I was frustrated with the tedious and antiquated system for constituting and delivering Botulinum Toxin.


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