Bi-Polar Aspirating Wand

November 10, 2014

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Bi-Polar Aspirating Wand


How does the device work?

NICO Corporation’s Bi-polar Aspirating Wand (BAW) is a single use, disposable device designed for soft tissue surgical procedures that require slow to rapid fluid evacuation and low energy output for the coagulation of tissue. The BAW is a surgeon-controlled device that enables the delivery of bi- polar coagulation via third party electrosurgical generators. Any third party electrosurgical generator that has a bi-polar mode with a variable power output range may be used with the BAW.

What problem in healthcare does it solve?

The BAW was designed and created to address the unmet needs of narrow corridor minimally invasive surgery when dealing with the needs of acute and precise surgical procedures. It is the first coagulation device designed and created specifically for microsurgical applications based on a new and unique platform for the acute delivery of energy.

Currently, there are no bipolar coagulators on the market that take into consideration microsurgical needs in very narrow, deep corridors around microvascular structures. The NICO BAW will be the first bi- polar device designed for acute coagulation of vessels with minimal collateral tissue disruption or damage. It is the first bi-polar device that incorporates numerous surgical functions (wet field bi-polar, variable suction, and surgical field irrigation) that may be used in a single-handed approach by the surgeon.

The BAW may be applied in general microsurgical applications such as those found in neurosurgery, spine, otolaryngology, ENT, plastic surgery, microvascular surgery, some aspects of hand surgery, and others.

Why should the device be commercialized?

Being able to effectively and safely control bleeding of an offending vessel within a very narrow corridor near delicate, critical structures is of paramount importance to surgeons during a procedure. The NICO BAW not only coagulates, but also provides irrigation and suction capabilities within the BAW hand piece and also minimizes the amount of instrumentation needed in the surgical field to control the bleed. The ergonomic design of the BAW does not impede the surgical view.

What inspired you to design this device?

With current market technology, clinicians use bi-polars from different sub-specialties or general neurosurgery bi-polar forceps and are attempting to adapt them to the new world of minimally invasive corridor neurosurgery and in a microvascular environment. The need exists to have a product come to market that allows for effective coagulation of these structures in a microsurgical environment and protect the surrounding delicate tissue and critical structures. The NICO BAW was invented for this specific purpose, to minimize the opportunity for collateral tissue damage during surgical intervention and to optimize positive patient outcomes.


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