May 1, 2000

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Molding Services

Originally Published May 2000


Molding Services


Precision injection molding

Advanced tooling and assembly capabilities and precision injection molding technologies are offered by a contract injection molder. Comprehensive secondary and finishing capabilities provide single-source solutions to complex and innovative projects. Two Class 10,000 cleanrooms and two Class 100,000 white rooms support manufacturing for the medical market. Renaissance Plastics Co., 515 Lee Rd., Rochester, NY 14606.


Small precision parts

A custom insert injection molder of small precision parts has installed an automated insert molding cell. The fully automated cell is equipped with a digital optical inspection system that ensures that all inserts are properly loaded in the mold prior to the injection molding sequence. The improvements gained from automation include labor savings, higher part throughput due to reduced cycle times, and higher quality due to consistent cycling. Plastics Molding Technology Inc., Silvermine Industrial Park, 92 Cogwheel Ln., Seymour, CT 06483.


Hybrid composite mold tooling

Because reaction injection molding does not require metal tooling, which in turn requires long machining lead times, it is possible to mold large medical enclosures in only two weeks. A company providing such services first takes the client's CAD file and converts it to tooling paths. A pattern is then quickly machined out of Ren Shape polyurethane board. A durable mold is made by casting hybrid composite material around it, and the resulting tool can then be used to make quality polyurethane "structural foam" parts. Rimnetics Inc., 433 Clyde Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043-2209.


Injection-molded components

Cuvettes, disposables for diagnostic purposes, inhalation equipment with microdosage capability, and components for dialysis and infusion technology are some of the items that an injection molder can mold to exacting requirements. The company's global services include turnkey system solutions, innovative design and engineering, integrated project management, automated high-volume production, multicomponent processes, and global supply-chain management. Wilden Plastics, P.O. Box 2568, Peachtree City, GA 30269.


Molding capabilities

A manufacturer of custom silicone components accommodates unique molding requirements in its GMP-controlled, FDA-audited manufacturing facility. With liquid-injection molding, prototyping, and transfer and insert molding capabilities, the company produces a great variety of components, including parts with difficult undercuts, tight tolerances, nonproportionate cross sections, and large aspect ratios. Vesta Inc., 5400 W. Franklin Dr., Franklin, WI 53132.


Molding services

Product design, material selection, rapid prototyping, cleanroom injection molding, secondary operations, automated assembly, polymer surface modification, insert and multishot molding, and precision multicavity mold design and construction are available from a company featuring all-electric injection molding machine technology. The company's manufacturing facility is FDA registered and ISO compliant. Infinity Plastics, 6020 Nicolle St., Bldg. D, Ventura, CA 93003.


Injection molding service

An injection molding service uses 30 molding machines with sizes ranging from 28 to 330 tn. It provides both vertical and horizontal capabilities to provide maximum molding flexibility. In addition, a modern 43,000-sq-ft, air-conditioned manufacturing complex ensures a stable molding environment. C-Tote Medical, 1208 Flamingo Dr., Cape Coral, FL 33904.


Molded composites

A manufacturer's molded composites are suitable for fixation devices, enclosures, and patient tables. Its engineering team works directly with the customer's application specialists to develop unique and optimized solutions. Components are autoclave sterilizable and can perform in a wide variety of environments, including x-ray and MRI. Anholt Technologies, 440 Church Rd., Avondale, PA 19311.


Injection and blow molding

Featuring plant-wide, real-time process monitoring, statistical process control, and certified Class 10,000 cleanroom assembly, a contract molder can provide services ranging from engineering and prototyping to manufacturing and delivery. Each of its four facilities are focused on a specialized technology: thin-wall injection, micro, insert, and blow molding. With machines from 20 to 480 tn, the company can handle high and low volumes. DeRoyal Plastics Group, 300 Debusk Ln., Powell, TN 37849.


Injection molding and contract manufacturing

An FDA-registered and ISO-certified medical device contract manufacturer offers full-service injection molding services including part design, mold design and fabrication, secondary finishing, and assembly. Molding is done in a Class 100,000 cleanroom on all-electric, servo-driven Robo Shot presses. Matsui rotary-bed material dryers are used in conjunction with closed-loop material delivery systems. This combination of precise material drying and delivery with highly accurate electric injection molding machines ensures consistently molded parts. Ventrex Inc., 3007 Bunsen Ave., Unit K, Ventura, CA 93003-7633.


Advanced injection molding technologies

A company manufactures high-quality, precision injection-molded medical devices and components for the medical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries. The manufacturer emphasizes that, in order to streamline the manufacturing process associated with a customer's product, it is continually researching the latest, most advanced manufacturing techniques, such as decoupled molding, process control, full-function robotics, automated inspection, secondary operations, and scientific advancements in plastics. The MedTech Group Inc., 6 Century Rd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080-1396.

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