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May 1, 2000

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Machining Services

Originally Published May 2000


Machining Services


Precision-machined medical components

Precision Swiss-machined components are produced with tolerances from 0.002 mm, lengths to 600 mm, and diameters from 0.1 to 150 mm. Equipment includes multiaxis lathes, precision grinding, and vertical machining centers. In-house secondary operations include milling, ID/OD grinding, threading, cross-drilling, turning, honing, subassembly, part making, CNC EDM machining, match-grinding to 4 µm, and deburring. Materials include all types of steel, aluminum, precious metals, super alloys, and copper and copper alloy. American Micro Products Inc., 4288 Armstrong Blvd., Batavia, OH 45103.


Laser machining

Advanced laser machining is used to cut, drill, weld, and mark intricate cutouts and patterns in conductive materials and plastics. Lasag YAG and Diamond CO2 laser systems ensure positioning accuracy to the nearest 0.00005 in. by checking 10,000 times per second with dual 32-bit microprocessors. Kerf width is possible down to 0.0006 in. on thin materials. Proprietary methods remove dross and oxides created by laser operations. Complete capabilities for machining standard, miniature, and subminiature parts are available. Norman Noble Inc., 5507 Avion Park Dr., Highland Heights, OH 44143.


Corrosion-resistant fittings

Advanced techniques allow the production of tubing, nozzles, cones, vessels, liners, valves, fittings, expansion joints, fasteners, and funnels from corrosion-resistant metals. The manufacturer specializes in refractory and reactive metals including tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, zirconium, vanadium, and their alloys. The metals offer high-temperature strength and are resistant to corrosion. Services include spinning, stamping, forging, tube bending, fabrication, welding, and CNC precision turning and milling. Metal Technology Inc., 173 Queen Ave. S.E., Albany, OR 97321.


Close-tolerance machining

Wire EDM machines can handle difficult materials while maintaining accuracy to within 0.0002 in. The manufacturer can provide full-service machining of all metals to tolerances of 0.0001 in. Other capabilities include design, manufacture, inspection, and testing of prototype mechanical and hydraulic devices for medical applications. CNC machining, milling, lathing, and laser etching are also provided by this ISO 9001–certified company. Mauch Laboratories Inc., 3035 Dryden Rd., Dayton, OH 45439.


Precision components and assemblies

Close-tolerance precision components and assemblies are produced by a company with machining experience. Subassemblies and components, including cannulae, trocars, scissors, grabbers, graspers, and related metal products, are available in both disposable and reusable forms. The company's 35,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility is designed to accommodate production flexibility. DCG Precision Manufacturing Corp., 9 Trowbridge Dr., Francis J. Clarke Industrial Park, Bethel, CT 06801.


Laser cutting and drilling

An ISO-certified organization provides micromachining services for complex medical device components. Machining technologies including laser cutting, drilling, and welding for holes and slots as small as 30 µm are available. The company has the ability to create statistically defined processes in production by creating prototypes from solid models. Critical components are machined in one operation for enhanced accuracy and repeatability. Parts and features are verified using advanced vision system technology. Remmele Engineering Inc., Micro Machining Div., 17701 U.S. Hwy. 10, Big Lake, MN 55309.


Fixtures and gauges

Complex fixtures, tooling for primary and secondary finishing operations, and precision gauges with tolerances as close as 0.0001 in. are produced in a machining center. The company also uses lathes, milling machines, and various grinders to produce fixtures with modular components for customers who need to combine more than one operation on the same base plate. Applications for the medical device industry include material handling and surgical instruments. Noncontact gauging using laser and computer inspection techniques to measure delicate thermoplastic parts is also available. Apex Machine Tool Co., 21 Spring Lane, Farmington, CT 06032.


Microminiature wire products

A company offers in-house precision grinding of microminiature wire products. Machines allow for grinding of wire from 0.001 to 0.060 in. in diameter while maintaining tolerances of ±0.0001 in. Smooth finishes of 10 µin. or better provide significant wire strength. The company also has the ability to program any combination of contours, tapers, flats, spheres, and bullets with one-pass grinding. Several material types can be ground, including nickel titanium, fiberglass, fiber-optic filament, and stainless steel. Micro-Guide Inc., 20600 South St., Tehachapi, CA 93561.


Medical equipment components

A manufacturer of precision machined components provides true five-axis fine-wire EDM machining services. The EDM process allows for the production of components that meet the precision requirements of medical equipment manufacturers. The company's fine-wire (0.001 in. diam) capabilities enable it to produce components with sharp corner radii of 0.0005 in. and inside dimensions between features of 0.0025 in. The heat-affected zone for this process is less than 1 µm. Owens Industries Inc., 7815 S. 6th St., Oak Creek, WI 53154.


Plastic components

CNC machining of components is available for all types of plastics. A company provides annealing, stress relieving, and close-tolerance machining services. Chemical, thermal, and mechanical polishing with complete fabrication and assembly services are also available. The company says that requests for quotations on prototype through production quantities will be returned within 48 hours. Connecticut Plastics, 1268 Old Colony Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492.


Swiss-style machining

A company has been producing ultraprecision Swiss-style machined products for more than 40 years. CNC machining is available, and a series of eight-axis Citizen M-20s have been integrated into production lines. The Swiss-type compound machining centers are designed to manufacture close-tolerance parts out of strong materials efficiently and with attention to detail. Microcision Inc., 5805 Keystone St., Philadelphia, PA 19135.


Surgical instruments

A company has recently begun to design and manufacture surgical instruments. Several handheld surgical tools have been developed with the support of qualified engineers. Other products include endoscopic, ophthalmic, and orthopedic surgery devices. The company is able to accommodate both prototype and production runs. Optics Technology Inc., 3800 Monroe Ave., Pittsford, NY 14534.

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