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Flexan’s New Collaboration to Have Impact on Medtech

Article-Flexan’s New Collaboration to Have Impact on Medtech

Image Credit: SvetaZi/ iStock via Getty Images IMG_2023-4-11-155900.jpg
The Newark, DE-based company will expand its services to include sterile liquids and custom-formulated solutions for devices.

Flexan’s new collaboration will have it expanding its services to include customer manufacturing of sterile liquids and custom-formulated solutions for medical devices. The Newark, DE-based company is teaming up with parent company ILC Dover and its KSE Scientific division.

With more than 50,000L of Water for Injection (WFI) production capacity per day and more than 113,000 square feet of manufacturing, controlled storage, and laboratory space, KSE Scientific  addresses sterile liquid challenges.

Recently, both Flexan and KSE Scientific partnered to deliver a custom solution and packaging service to Clyra Medical Technologies. 

"Clyra is pleased to find a high-quality partner under one roof in KSE Scientific and Flexan, to support manufacturing for our best-in-class wound management and surgical product 'Bioclynse'. Bioclynse is 510(k) cleared by FDA, and is an efficacious, safe, long-acting wound irrigation solution that can be used during wound management, during surgery and for post-surgical wounds, with no need to rinse out throughout the entire procedure," said Steve Harrison, CEO of Clyra Medical Technologies. "We look forward to working with KSE Scientific and Flexan to support solution manufacturing and developing customized packaging and components to ensure we meet the market demand and customer requirements for delivering our solutions." 

Flexan is a contract manufacturer of custom high-quality medical silicone and thermoplastic components, sub-assemblies, and devices, as well as custom rubber compounding.  

"Flexan serves a broad range of customers in the medical device market and we are excited to expand our services to include custom sterile fluids for various clinical applications. In addition to adding sterile fluids, we are also excited to share that we are now offering platinum-cured silicone tubing, tubing assemblies and molded components to better serve ILC's biopharmaceutical customers worldwide," said Tony Gonzalez, President of Flexan.

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