September 1, 2001

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Contract Sales Organizations: Maximizing Sales in Times of Rapid Change

Originally Published MX September/October 2001

Growing numbers of medtech companies are finding outside sales firms to be a cost-effective and flexible alternative to in-house sales forces.

Geoff Geiger

0109x104a.jpgA message that has been widely touted throughout the business world in recent years is that companies should focus on their core competencies and outsource as many other functions as possible. This "lean-and-mean" business model has been promoted as one that can rapidly respond to market conditions in times of great change, and also help firms avoid the difficulties associated with layoffs, firings, and other problems that can occur during downturns.

As more companies have adopted this approach—or at least incorporated aspects of it in how they conduct business—a growing array of outsource firms have appeared on the scene, in disciplines that cover the full gamut of business services. Among them are contract sales organizations (CSOs), which handle everything from all of a company's sales needs to individual, specialized components of a firm's sales programs.

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