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Name of Supplier: RTP Company  Describe an innovation your company developed between 2012 and the present and its potential application in medical devices.

February 5, 2015

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10 Finalists Chosen for Supplier Innovation Challenge (RTP Company)

Name of Supplier 
RTP Company 

Describe an innovation your company developed between 2012 and the present and its potential application in medical devices. 
RTP Company has developed an innovative friction test to accurately predict friction behavior in single-use medical devices. This procedure can test a selection of base resins in combination with friction reducing additives and a variety of silicones.

By doing so, RTP Company has collected invaluable tribology data that can be used by medical device OEMs for more precise material selection. 

How does the innovation work? Please describe the technology.
Start-up coefficient of friction (COF) and stick-slip elimination are essential in the performance of single-use drug delivery devices, directly influencing material selection. It is critical that the device moves easily and has low break-away force.

Various external factors, such as long periods of inactivity, shipping, and cold storage conditions can all have an effect on the friction behavior of plastic-on-plastic moving parts. These factors increase the chances of stick-slip phenomena or “stiction”, resulting in poor performance of a drug delivery device.

Designers are looking for low COF for smooth and easy movement. RTP Company's friction test is based on a modified ASTM D3702 Thrust Washer Test, and measures the coefficient of friction values in various pairs of materials. The data collected from these tests can help guide proper material selection for single-use medical devices.

Describe how your innovation adds value for medical device OEMs. Can it make work processes more efficient, reduce costs, improve quality, or improve patient outcomes?Proper material selection for single-use medical devices is imperative because of the extreme importance of these devices in emergency situations. By utilizing the data gathered from RTP Company's innovative friction testing, an OEM can not only select materials properly, they can eliminate the need for external lubrication and additional processing steps for the device, thereby decreasing manufacturing costs and time-to-market.

What distinguishes your product/service from those of competitors and what makes it unique in the market?
Until recently, there were no established industry tests that accurately predicted friction behavior in single-use devices, making precise material selection difficult. Existing standardized tribology tests look at predictive conditions of long-term wear performance, but do not address single-use device concerns.

Responding to this critical need, RTP Company developed its innovative friction test to allow designers to select the best possible material for single-use applications. The data collected from the tests can prove invaluable, eliminating the need for trial and error when choosing polymers. 


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