Spotlight on IV Components, Tubing Connectors, and Couplings

Bob Michaels

July 10, 2012

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Spotlight on IV Components, Tubing Connectors, and Couplings

Clear needleless connector
The patented MaxPlus Clear needleless connector from CareFusion features a flat, smooth access port that helps to optimize the disinfection process. Featuring a dual-seal design to maintain seal integrity, the connector offers minimum potential for microbial ingress. In addition, its surface can be thoroughly swabbed in just three seconds, according to the manufacturer. The transparent connector's clear housing enables full visualization of the fluid path to promote effective flushing. When it is employed as indicated in the manufacturer's directions and according to best clinical practices, it also enables the prevention of occlusions.

Quick-connect tubing components
Push-to-connect tubing components in the MQC series from Value Plastics Inc. have an intuitive design, feature large ergonomic grips, make an audible click to indicate a secure connection, and can be sterilized using EtO and gamma irradiation techniques. Manufactured in accordance with the developing ISO 80369 standard and therefore incompatible with luer fittings, these tubing components help to reduce the risk of accidental misconnections. A selection of available colors enables medical personnel to verify connections based on color coding, and custom components can also be created easily using a choice of barb sizes and nylon resins, including a USP Class VI material. Because of their size and tactile qualities, the components are designed to be easy to handle, even by users wearing gloves. The male connector includes a Buna-N O-ring to ensure a secure seal.
Value Plastics Inc.

Antimicrobial stopcock
Elcam Medical Inc., a supplier of fluid-management, drug-delivery, and vital-signs-monitoring systems and devices, offers the antimicrobial TripleSafe stopcock, which features three layers of protection against infection and contamination. First, the stopcock is designed as a closed system in order to prevent contamination of its fluid path and thus minimize bloodstream infection. The product's body material is also impregnated with silver ions to reduce or prevent bacterial colonization. In addition, a special flushing channel in the design lowers residual volume and minimizes dead space, further contributing to the prevention of bacterial colonization. The silver ion-based antimicrobial technology has been laboratory tested to ensure effectiveness against the most prevalent causes of catheter-related bloodstream infections, according to the company.
Elcam Medical Inc.

Silicone and plastic IV components
A provider of IV components to medical device manufacturers, Parker Hannifin Corp. offers IV-therapy devices. The company's core competencies include the production of silicone and plastic IV components, silicone tubing for peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines, dialysis catheters, and other IV-related tube sets. Capabilities include liquid-silicone injection molding, silicone molding, organic injection and flashless molding, thermoplastic injection molding, extrusion of medical-grade silicone into profiles and tubing, and medical device fabrication and assembly. Production is performed in ISO 13485-certified facilities. Packaging and sterilization services are also available.
Parker Hannifin Corp., Medical Systems Div./Seal Group

Luer-alternative connector
Designed to prevent potentially dangerous fluid-line misconnections such as those that can occur with luer fittings, the SRC tubing connector from Colder Products Co. is suitable for a range of liquid-media and gas applications. Used in conjunction with air-powered devices and lines that handle blood and bodily fluids, the connector is offered in sizes that accommodate 1/8- and 3/16-in. flexible tubing. The intuitive and simple-to-use connector also features a latch that provides an audible click, confirming that a secure, leak-free connection has been established. The user need only push the two halves together to effect connection quickly; no twisting is required to connect tubing. Furthermore, the connector allows tubes to rotate, preventing accidental disconnection or kinking.
Colder Products Co.

Needleless injection site
Rather than allowing for bidirectional flow, a swabbable needleless injection site from Qosina Corp. incorporates a one-way valve that enables the component to be used for injection only and to prevent retrograde flow. When the connection is removed, the valve reseals against backflow even when it is used with viscous solutions. Part number 80189 features a needleless female luer port to a male luer slip and is equipped with a luer-activated valve that allows any standard male luer to open the connection. The site is designed to eliminate the possibility of accidental needle sticks. Composed of biocompatible polycarbonate, silicone, and polyisoprene, the needleless connector is free of latex, DEHP, and PVC. The luer fittings are compatible with the ISO 594 luer standards for both standard male luer and male luer slip fittings.
Qosina Corp.

Standard and custom valves
The B. Braun OEM division of B. Braun Medical Inc., an FDA-registered, ISO 13485-certified provider of contract manufacturing services, medical device components, and custom procedure kits, provides a selection of valves in standard and custom configurations. Available options include needle-free, dual-check, aspiration, low-pressure, trumpet, normally closed, and in-line valves. The valves come in an array of flow rates, materials, and sizes and are designed to meet tough application challenges. The supplier runs flexible manufacturing facilities equipped for both automated high-volume production and low-volume manual assembly of custom products. Valves can be supplied as individual components or integrated into devices or custom sets.
B. Braun OEM Div.

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