Spotlight on Filtration Products

September 5, 2002

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Spotlight on Filtration Products

Originally Published MPMN September 2002


Spotlight on Filtration Products

Capillary-pore membranes

0209p32a.jpgCapillary-pore membranes are made of polyester and are characterized by a defined pore diameter usually ranging from 0.1 to 10.0 µm and a defined pore density ranging between 105 to 109 pores per square centimeter. Multiple pores visible at the surface divide further into individual pore channels inside the RoTrac membranes, guaranteeing that all pores have the same diameter. Hydrophilic surface, hydrophobic surface, supported and reinforced, and black membrane variations are offered. Oxyphen AG, Gubelstr. 11, P.O. Box 4614, Zug 6304, Switzerland.

EMI filters

0209p32b.jpgCeramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant-circuit filter. The W2F-series surface-mountable chip filters provide low parallel inductance and offer decoupling capabilities for all high-di/dt environments while providing significant noise reduction in digital circuits up to nearly 5 GHz, according to the company. The units are rated at 100 V and 300 mA with capacitance ratings ranging from 22 to 47,000 pF. Current-carrying capabilities range from 330 mA to 1 A. Standard operating temperatures range from -55° to 125°C. AVX Corp., 801 17th Ave. S., P.O. Box 867, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578.

Air filters

0209p32c.jpgAir filters are designed specifically for use with cooling systems in universal power supplies and power-generation enclosures. The Quadrafoam open-cell polyurethane material is treated with a thin layer of flame-retardant coating, resulting in a flexible and resilient product that is effective in power applications for deployment in harsh environments and high-temperature and high-humidity conditions. The foam contains an antimicrobial additive with a fungus growth rating of zero. Filter assemblies are available in a wide range of pore sizes. Universal Air Filter Co., 1624 Sauget Industrial Pkwy., Sauget, IL 62206.

Transfer and filter devices

0209p32d.jpgTransfer and filter devices are available for a variety of fluid-transfer applications. The company's product line includes the Mini-Spike dispensing pin for preparing and dispensing diluent or additive from multidose rubber-stoppered vials and the Micro Chemo pin with 0.2-µm hydrophobic air-venting filter that prevents exposure to toxic fumes during drug reconstitution. Other products such as filter needles, vented needles, double-ended transfer needles, air-venting filters, hydrophilic in-line cone filters, and filter hubs in many configurations are also offered. Burron OEM Div., B. Braun Medical Inc., 824 Twelfth Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18108.

HEPA/ULPA filters

0209p32e.jpgCompact, curved arc-shaped air filters provide a wall-to-wall clean-air shower that flows uniformly to exhaust grilles, carrying out contaminants generated in the room. Applications for the Vector air filters are hospital and outpatient surgery rooms, patient isolation rooms, laser treatment rooms, tissue culture laboratories, burn treatment rooms, and tuberculosis negative air isolation rooms. The units measure 24 in. wide and 24 in. high, with a 2.5-in. minipleat filter media. Glass media are 99.99% efficient at 0.3 µm, and PTFE media are 99.99995% efficient at 0.1 µm. Bio-Safe America, Sterilaire Medical Div., 3250 S. Susan St., Santa Ana, CA 92704.

Synthetic fabrics

0209p32f.jpgPrecision-woven synthetic fabrics are suitable for filtering blood in arterial, cardiotomy, and transfusion devices. SaatiCare fabrics are also used for drug-infusion systems, flow control devices, moisture barriers, and biopsy bags, and for EMI and RFI shielding. A narrow aperture-size distribution ensures accurate and predictable filtration, and the company's proprietary finishing system is compliant with USP Class VI. Fabrics are available custom manufactured into slit rolls, stamped parts, tubes, pleated elements, and bags. SaatiTech Inc., 247 Rte. 100, P.O. Box 543, Somers, NY 10589.

Filtration equipment

0209p32g.jpgA wide variety of technologies are available from a representative for numerous filter manufacturers. Products are suitable for use as prefilters and for parenteral fluid filtration. Offerings include pleated-style membrane filters, hollow-fiber cartridges capable of reducing endotoxin levels in fluids, bag filters and housings, and sanitary and industrial-style filter housings of all sizes that incorporate one or more elements. Advanced Filtration Co., P.O. Box 324, Howell, NJ 07731.

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