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Spotlight on Cables and Connectors 16390Spotlight on Cables and Connectors

Bob Michaels

July 7, 2011

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Spotlight on Cables and Connectors

High-flex silicone cables
Cicoil_1.jpgStandard off-the-shelf and custom-made flexible flat silicone cables from Cicoil can be used in high-performance medical automation and diagnostic applications. The lightweight cables can incorporate electrical power, data, and video conductors of any type into a single compact design. This design can also include optical fibers or single- and multilumen tubing for transferring air or liquids. Contaminant-free, the cables are rated for use in Class 1 cleanroom areas. In addition, silicone encapsulation provides a solid, durable, one-piece cable construction that should not break, deform, or wear over the course of more than 10 million cycles, even when equipment operating conditions include high-speed flexing or a tight bending radius. The UL-recognized, RoHS-compliant, and CE-certified cables resist water, steam, UV light, and most chemicals. They also handle temperature extremes ranging from -65° to 260°C.
Valencia, CA

Nonmagnetic, D-subminiature I/O connectors
Conec.jpgA manufacturer of D-subminiature I/O connectors can supply nonmagnetic versions for use in areas with high magnetic fields, such as medical imaging systems. Offered by Conec, these connectors ensure nonmagnetism by replacing the usual stamped-steel shells with copper alloy and by substituting tin-plated brass components for steel hardware. Featuring die-cast zinc brackets, all D-sub connector families, including high-density and standard versions and models that filter out electromagnetic interference, are made from nonferrous construction materials. They are available with standard densities of 9 through 50 positions and as high-density products with 15 to 78 positions, all in solder cup and PC-tail versions. Combination D-sub connectors in 21 standard arrangements can also be provided. Current ratings are 5 to 40 A, depending on the base connector chosen.
Garner, NC

Miniature circular connectors
Hypertronics.jpgIncorporating a Hypertac hyperboloid contact in a 0.3-mm pin size, new-generation mini D-series connectors from Hypertronics Corp. reduce the form factor of the company's miniature connectors by nearly 30% while maintaining signal reliability. Meeting the growing demands of medical device and equipment miniaturization, these high-density connectors feature a push-button latch and have five signal contacts rated at 1 A each, with a dielectric withstand voltage rating of 750 V. They provide low contact resistance, require little force for insertion and extraction, resist shock and vibration, and have a long cycling lifetime as well. Easy to assemble, the connectors feature plugs with crimp termination that can be soldered. In addition, they accommodate wire up to 24 AWG and feature receptacles with standard 6-in. pigtails. Their housing provides alignment and polarization.
Hypertronics Corp.
Hudson, MA

Hospital-grade cord sets
Mega-Electronics.jpgManufactured by Mega Electronics Inc., the N5/15, N5/20, N6/15, and N6/20 NEMA hospital-grade cord sets are produced from a single plug body. The square face of the UL-listed and CSA-approved plugs allows the use of 20-A pin configurations that meet UL 544 requirements for medical equipment that comes into contact with patients. Thus, they feature solid pins, plug bodies large enough to virtually eliminate the risk of wire-to-outer-contour shock, and the ability to withstand strong pull forces. The plugs have soldered wires and do not use an internal pin bridge. In addition, a hog ring applied prior to molding neutralizes the pullout forces encountered in hospital environments. Each cord set is date coded for traceability and is available from stock with clear and solid-colored plugs and connectors. The manufacturer can also produce custom cord sets with or without terminals and strain reliefs that feature specific lengths and gauge sizes, color matching, and silk-screened logos.
Mega Electronics Inc.
New Brunswick, NJ

Push-pull connector
lemo.jpgOffered by Lemo USA, the Redel XP plastic push-pull connector is constructed from a proprietary sulfone material that withstands such sterilization conditions as autoclaving. In addition, the patented electronic connector's latching system is embedded in the shell, maximizing impact resistance. Featuring high contact density and available in multiple contact and color configurations, the connector is suitable for medical device applications ranging from catheters to surgical instruments. It is also available with a choice of color codings, including black, white, grey, green, blue, yellow, and red. Offered with 4 to 22 crimp or solder-type contacts, the connector features an outer shell available in grey, black, or white.
Lemo USA Inc.
Rohnert Park, CA

Environmental D-subminiature connector
Positronic-Industries.jpgSuitable for applications requiring a sealed I/O connector interface, the latest generation of WD- and WDD-series environmental D-subminiature connectors from Positronic Industries features Unibody design. Available in 13 variants with 9 to 50 contacts, this new design achieves environmental protection to IP67 without the use of sealants. The nominal current rating for the WD series with size 20 contacts is 7.5 A, while the nominal current rating for the WDD series with size 22 contacts is 5 A. Both series are tested to provide a minimum insulation resistance of 1 G? and to withstand voltages to 1000 V rms. Featuring corrosion protection or corrosion resistance, the connectors come in standard and high-density options. They are also available with straight and right-angle PCB terminations or with solder-cup terminations for size 20 and size 22 wire. The connectors operate within a temperature range of -40° to 125°C.
Positronic Industries Inc.
Springfield, MO

Silicone-jacketed EEG leads
Bioconnect.jpgDesigned for EEG and similar cutaneous medical diagnostic procedures, high-use-potential leads with disk electrodes and silicone-jacketed wires are available from Bioconnect. The tangle-resistant, high-conduction wires used in these neuroleads have multistranded center conductors for maximum flexibility and low signal loss. Made of solvent-resistant medical-grade silicone, the jacket features a low durometer to maintain the leads' flexibility. It is also available in 10 color options. Other features of the leads include recessed touchproof sockets molded over gold-plated 1.5-mm beryllium copper spring contacts, gold-plated 10-mm disk electrodes, and flexible strain reliefs at both ends of the wires. The leads comply with IEC 60601-1 patient-safety specifications.
San Diego

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