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June 28, 2010

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Spotlight on Cables and Connectors

I/O cable assemblies
Designed to provide a high-current-density alternative to cable-to-board power connectors, a line of low-profile I/O cable assemblies is based on stamped and formed power contact technology. Pwr Profile+ connectors are available with two power contacts for power and return applications, two signal pins for power control or for determining which ports have mated cables and which are empty, and an optional grounding shield on the board connector to support electromagnetic compatibility. Signal pins for power control can be used when the application requires current or voltage monitoring or battery-level feedback. The polarized connectors are rated to 37 A per power contact without exceeding a 30°C temperature increase in still air.
Etters, PA

ZIF connectors
Utilizing a landed contact system, a range of zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors for medical diagnostic and imaging equipment does not exhibit connector-engagement force. The only wear on the contacts occurs as they are pressed together and lightly wiped past each other during the camming and locking operation. The connectors feature a minimum rated life of 10,000 complete mating and unmating cycles with no performance loss. They can also be mated in less than two seconds and keep crosstalk to a minimum, making them suitable for ultrasound equipment, patient-monitoring and portable imaging machines, MRI machines, and hospital equipment. Available with 60 to 2496 contacts, the connectors feature gold-plated copper-alloy contact material.
ITT Interconnect Solutions
Santa Ana, CA

Plug connectors
A line of versatile medical connectors and cables consists of plug connectors with leads and electrode clips. The 1.5-mm plug connectors in the Medicalline series are suitable for transmitting voltage away from patients in ECG and heart-monitoring devices. Compliant with E-DIN 42802-2, the 2-mm connectors in the series can also be used for voltage and current supply to the patient through such devices as pacemakers and muscle stimulators. Meeting DIN 42801 requirements, the 6-mm plug connectors and connecting leads offer potential equalization between the bodies of electrical medical devices and the conductive elements of other objects. The connectors can be equipped with gold-plated contact elements for high reliability and corrosion resistance, and insulating materials that can withstand steam sterilization are offered.
Multi-Contact USA
Santa Rosa, CA

Protected connectors
Featuring a virtually unchanged exterior, a touchproof, watertight, and shielded electronic equipment connector has been redesigned to simplify internal components. The redesign reduces the likelihood of complications arising during the assembly process. Besides offering a simplified design, the Mini-Snap PC connector incorporates shielding to protect against electromagnetic interference and seals that offer IP67-rated protection against liquid ingress in the mated condition. Specializing in cable and connector integration, the manufacturer also offers cable assemblies that can withstand challenging medical environments. Its connectors and assemblies are also available in disposable and autoclavable models.
Camarillo, CA

Custom connectors and cable assemblies
With capabilities ranging from small to large production volumes, a contract manufacturer specializes in the custom fabrication of durable connectors and cable assemblies for the medical device industry. Each product is designed with tight tolerances to fit cleanly into small devices, including parts that are assembled under a microscope. However, components in standard and above-standard sizes are also produced. The company can manufacture and assemble connectors and cables for patient diagnosis and monitoring, nerve integrity monitoring, hearing enhancement, and sleep and respiratory studies. Design, molding, and assembly are all carried out in a single facility that includes a mold-making shop and injection molding technology. Products are designed in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Plastics One Inc.
Roanoke, VA

Coaxial cable
A patented dual-monofilament coaxial cable design is suitable for use in demanding medical applications. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the cable's monofilaments protect the signal. In addition, its air-gap design allows air to circulate around the conductor, increasing signal speed. The monofilaments are twisted and wrapped around the signal, enabling an 85% velocity of propagation. Then, an FEP fluoropolymer dielectric is extruded in a tube over the twisted monofilaments, surrounded by shielding, and covered with a final jacket. The high-speed data cable is manufactured to customers' specifications and features mechanical tolerances that yield consistent electrical performance. Design options include impedances ranging from 50 to
75 Ohm.
Temp-Flex Cable Inc.
South Grafton, MA

Limiting-port cables
Low-power, passively equalized copper cables that are compliant with the SFF-8431 Revision 4.1, Chapter 3 specification for limiting modules are offered as an alternative to active copper technology and optical transceiver modules in medical equipment applications. The limiting-port SFP+ assemblies, based on patented conductor technology and a low-loss ePTFE cable dielectric, satisfy the limiting-port specification up to 7 m without dependence on active technology. These cables do not have to provide electrical dispersion compensation on the receive side. In addition, the core and skin design of their conductors provides a distributed per-unit-length equalization without requiring resistor-inductor-capacitor circuitry on the connector paddle card. This equalization minimizes jitter, which could limit the maximum signal transmission.
Newark, DE

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