Small-Pitch Nozzles Win Tight-Space Race

January 3, 2002

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Small-Pitch Nozzles Win Tight-Space Race

Originally Published MPMN January/February 2002


Small-Pitch Nozzles Win Tight-Space Race

Hot-runner technology can benefit medical products with core diameters over 16 mm

New hot-runner nozzles from Mold-Masters Ltd. are available in two flange designs.

Small-pitch hot-runner nozzles are suited for molding in space-constrained applications and for the manufacture of small parts. The melt channel in the MIM Dura Atto nozzles from Mold-Masters Ltd. (Georgetown, ON, Canada) is, in essence, an integral heater with an optimized axial profile. Because the body diameter is smaller than 9 mm with minimal gate vestige, the hot runners are beneficial to manufacturers molding small products for which aesthetic appearance is critical and medical products with core diameters greater than 16 mm, according to marketing manager Wayne Stoddard.

Because the heater, tip, and melt channel form an integrated unit, the nozzles provide better thermal control and require less maintenance than conventional assemblies, Stoddard adds.

The nozzles are available in two flange options. The 10-mm center-to-center model is suited for tight gating locations, while the 15-mm nozzle is recommended for internal gating of small components and for applications that require high-rate cooling channels. The larger nozzle size is also suited for molding operations that involve complex inserts or mechanical components. The nozzles accommodate shot sizes ranging from <1 to 30 g.

Norbert Sparrow

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