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Products and Services: Electronic Components

ISM-Band Antenna
ISM-Band antennaDeveloped by Molex Inc., a 2.4-GHz standard antenna for applications using the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band and Wi-Fi is based on the company's laser direct-structuring (LDS) technology, which optimizes geometric design freedom. LDS technology entails the use of a 3-D laser system to transfer the antenna from CAD data directly onto a molded antenna carrier, or even directly onto the device structure. Thus, the on-ground antenna is not bound by the physical limitations of conventional antennas; it enables a high level of wireless-product integration with few components, according to the company. Featuring a footprint of 3.0 × 3.0 mm and a height of 4.0 mm, the compact antenna is compatible with surface-mount and reflow processes for smooth product integration with the customer's processes. It is suited for integration into devices running Bluetooth, ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4), and WLAN (IEEE 802.11b/g/n). Medical applications include remote diagnostics and monitoring, vital signs monitoring, implanted medical therapy management, and drug-delivery systems, among others.
Molex Inc.
Lisle, IL

Molded Interconnects
Three-dimensional molded interconnect devices allow medical device designers to take advantage of existing, underutilized space in device enclosures and housings by integrating electrical circuitry and components directly onto the 3-D surfaces of these components. SelectConnect Technologies constructs such interconnects on a contract basis either via two-shot injection molding or by means of laser direct structuring on single-shot injection-molded housings or components. The company has two laser systems in-house for carrying out laser direct structuring operations and partners with injection molders to provide two-shot molded interconnect devices. In addition, its facility is equipped with multiple electroless circuit-plating lines to ensure timely production of critical device components. The company has applied its production techniques to manufacture an insulin pump chassis, integrate wireless antennas into handheld-device housings, and eliminate PCBs from designs to help drive device miniaturization and reduce complexity.
SelectConnect Technologies
Palatine, IL

Titanium Connectors
Offered by Precision Hermetic Technology, titanium hermetic connectors that feature glass-to-metal sealing and platinum alloy contacts are available for use in implantable medical devices. Providing engineering design as well as manufacturing of these connectors, the company can produce versions with connector shells as small as 0.10 × 0.125 in. and with 0.010-in. contacts. If required, the connectors can also be supplied with a capacitive element for custom filtering.
Precision Hermetic Technology
Redlands, CA

Power Regulator
The R-78C switching power regulator from Recom Power Inc. has a 42-V-dc maximum input voltage and offers power to 15 W/cm3. Used in portable battery-operated medical equipment, the regulator exhibits a top efficiency of 96% when the input-output voltage variance is only a few volts. However, it can reach 90% even with an input voltage that is 30 V higher than the output voltage. Thus, unlike linear regulators, it delivers high efficiency over the entire input voltage range and nearly constant efficiency, even when the load varies 20 to 100%, according to its manufacturer. Another system advantage is low output ripple of 20 to 40 mV peak to peak. The regulator can meet Class B electromagnetic compatibility requirements with a simple low-pass filter. Its high conversion efficiency makes heat-sinking unnecessary, and its output
is protected against overload and short circuiting.
Recom Power Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

Electronics Encapsulant
CSP-1412 electronics encapsulantCSP-1412 from Zymet Inc. is an underfill encapsulant designed for encapsulating BGAs, CSPs, and WL-CSPs in handheld devices to enable them to survive drop tests and repeated keypad actuations. The material has a viscosity of 7000 cps at room temperature, making it easy to dispense. Capable of flowing a distance of 18 mm with a single-side dispense in as little as 15 seconds, the encapsulant flows faster than other underfills used in medical applications, according to its manufacturer. Exhibiting long pot life, the material allows the use of large cartridges and thus increases productivity by reducing the frequency of cartridge change-outs. In addition, it wets well, self-fillets, and offers a level of processibility that promotes high-volume manufacturing. Following the completion of dispense and flow operations, the material cures in an in-line oven at 165°C in five minutes.
Zymet Inc.
East Hanover, NJ

Lithium-Ion Cell
CGR18650CH lithium-ion cell batteryThe high-rate CGR18650CH lithium-ion cell battery manufactured by Panasonic Batteries is suited for use in medical equipment. The cell's nickel manganese-based cathode material delivers discharge rates as high as 10 A and good energy density and voltage. Also featuring a wide operating temperature range and long cycle life, this lithium-ion cell offers a nominal capacity of 2250 mAh.
Panasonic Batteries
Rolling Meadows, IL

Compact TFT LCDs
A family of compact thin-film-transistor (TFT) LCDs is manufactured by Optrex America for medical diagnostic device applications. The 5-in.-diagonal LED-backlit WVGA TFT-LCD features 800 × 480-resolution, viewing angles of 85/85/85/85, a total thickness of 3.9 mm, brightness of 800 cd/m2, a 900:1 contrast ratio, and an operating temperature range of -20° to 70°C. The 3.5-in. QVGA model, with 320 × 240-resolution, features 400-cd/m2 brightness, a 750:1 contrast ratio, viewing angles of 80/80/80/80, and a long-life LED backlight. These displays are available in low-voltage differential signaling and touch screen versions. The 5.7-in. VGA TFT-LCD, featuring 640 × 480-resolution, offers brightness of 500 cd/m2, a 500:1 contrast ratio, viewing angles of 70/70/70/70, and a standard CMOS interface.
Optrex America
Plymouth, MI

Programmable Indicator
API-4260-LW150-R programmable indicatorThe API-4260-LW150-R programmable indicator is suitable for use with MRI machines, x-ray equipment, IV or infusion pumps, and any other application that requires a distinctive or unique tone, alarm signal, or voice message when used in an area with other multiple warning devices. Made by PUI Audio, the indicator can play a variety of tones, alarm signals, spoken announcements, or musical messages, enabling voice instructions
to be issued along with a warning signal or unique tone. The device features a frequency range of 100 to 6000 Hz and an operating voltage of 7 to 24 V dc. The user can program up to 30 seconds of any WAV or MP3 file via USB from a computer by employing a simple Windows interface. Since the indicator offers the flexibility of custom sound programming, the repertoire of warnings and alerts can extend beyond standard beeps, buzzes, and alarm signals. Each file is stored on internal flash memory that can be reprogrammed as often as desired. The file will not be erased until another file is programmed over it.
PUI Audio
Dayton, OH

Fuse Holders
Fuse holdersAvailable in single-, double- and three-pole versions from Automation Systems Interconnect Inc., a line of DIN-rail-mounting fuse holders are designed to accept Class CC and midget fuses up to 30 A at 600 V. Manufactured with or without blown-fuse LED indication lights, these fuse holders feature a manipulable lever that inserts the fuse and removes it from the circuit. Screw-clamp box connections make the holders easy to install with minimum wire preparation and ensure a secure connection. The devices are compliant with relevant IEC standards and are UL approved or UL recognized.
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.
Mechanicsburg, PA

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