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Electronic Components

July 8, 2009

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Electronic Components

Originally Published MPMN July 2009


Electronic Components

Connectors for medical applications

ua5a_63839.jpgA supplier offers circular, push-pull, modular, coaxial, miniature, and hermetically sealed connectors for a range of medical equipment, including monitors, therapeutic devices, imaging and invasive probes, electrophysiology catheters, MRIs, ultrasound systems, defibrillators, and infusion pumps. It also provides filtered connectors to protect against electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. In addition to connector products, the company's value-added services for medical applications include kitting for various housing and contact options, color coding, solder dipping for PCB connectors, and modular connector assembly. Specializing in modifications and custom connectors, the vendor also performs special plating and custom keying services.
BTC Electrical Components

Piezoresistive pressure sensor
uad7_63841.jpgSuitable for use in high-volume, disposable medical devices, a piezoresistive pressure sensor complies with the AAMI BP22 specification for blood pressure monitoring. The gauge-type sensor is used in blood pressure measurement devices, kidney dialysis machines, infusion pumps, and a variety of medical instruments. It has an operating range of –30 to 300 mmHg; measures air, gases, and liquids; and can be die-packaged with or without gel. At 22°C, the sensor offers input excitation of 1 to 10 V dc, exhibits a dielectric breakdown of 10,000 V dc, has a risk current of 2 µA, and provides input impedance of greater than 200 Ω and output impedance of 285 to 315 Ω. The sensor operates in temperatures ranging from 15° to 40°C at humidity levels ranging from 10 to 90%.
Merit Sensor Systems

Power resistors
ua79_63840.jpgOffering circuit designers a range of package options for current-sensing applications, TO-style power resistors are suitable for use in power electronics circuits in which a higher voltage signal is needed because of a noisy environment or the circuit requires a minimum load. The compact heat-sink-mountable MP-series resistors allow high power dissipation in a compact design without creating excess heating inside the electronics assembly, according to the manufacturer. Because of their noninductive design, the components can operate in high-frequency applications and switching circuits. They offer resistance ranges as low as 0.005 Ω at ±5% tolerance, 0.010 Ω at ±2% tolerance, and 0.020 Ω at ±1% tolerance. TO-126, TO- 220, TO-220 clip-mount, and TO-247 resistors are available with current and power ratings of 35 A or 25 W + 25°C case temperature, 40 A or 50 W + 25°C case temperature, 60 A or 60 W + 25°C case temperature, and 44 A or 100 W + 25°C case temperature, respectively.
Caddock Electronics Inc.

Lithium 9-V battery
ua98_63838.jpgSuitable for use in medical devices, a lithium 9-V battery features spiral-cell construction, enabling it to provide power in high-discharge-current applications. Featuring a leakproof crimp construction, the battery can operate within a range of temperatures and maintains discharge performance at low temperatures. In addition, its low self-discharge rate of less than 1% per year contributes to power retention. Environmentally friendly, the battery contains electrolytes that do not contain hazardous lithium perchlorate. According to the manufacturer, it can also last five times longer than alkaline batteries.
Gold Peak Industries North America

Cursor control device
uab8_63843.jpgA replacement unit for a stationary mouse or trackball, a three-in-one multifunction cursor-control device incorporates an optical encoder, joystick, and push button on concentric shafts. Suited for mobile medical devices in which the use of separate joysticks, encoders, and push buttons may be impractical, the Series 60C has a 1 × 1 × 0.661-in. housing and provides the functionality of a stationary mouse or trackball in a single unit. The joystick manipulates the cursor to the left, right, up, and down; the rotary encoder facilitates sequential scrolling through menu options; and the push button performs on-screen menu selections. The encoder also features an optically coupled two-bit digital output, resulting in longer operational life than traditional position-sensing products, according to the manufacturer.
Grayhill Inc.

For more electroincs product and service descriptions, go to www.devicelink.com/mpmn/electronics.
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