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What's Germany Better at than Soccer? Medtech

Germany has more to brag about than a World Cup. The country is also home to a thriving medical device industry.

Germany has more to brag about than a World Cup championship (thanks to a late-game goal that put the nail in Argentina's coffin in the final). The country is also home to a thriving medical device industry showing impressive strength in all areas ranging from R&D and medtech startups to regulation and market growth. While the eurozone crisis and global recession crippled some countries and brought others to their knees, fiscally conservative Germany has weathered the storm and maintained a growing healthcare sector.
Here are some of the must-read stories on the trends and companies that are marking Germany's medical device industry.
What's Germany's Secret?
What can the rest of the world learn from Germany's thriving medtech industry?
In its 2011/2012 industry report, BVMed cites the healthcare industry as the largest employer in Germany with 5.4 million employees. Almost one in seven jobs in Germany can be found in the healthcare industry. 
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Germany Thrives on Precision
How much does Germany's commitment to R&D play into its competitive edge?
Poor in natural resources, the southwestern German region has long relied on the ingenuity and diligence of its people to fuel its economy. 
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A Shortcut to Medical Device Reimbursement in Germany
How new laws are offering device manufacturers a more-timely road to reimbursement.
During the last seven years, we have provided consulting services to more than 100 different medical device startups. Some of them planned to obtain the CE mark for their product relatively quickly and launch it in Germany. The problem was getting those German Sickness Funds (payers) to provide reimbursement in a timely manner.
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Western Europe's Medical Device Market Under Increasing Pressure
How Germany's medical device industry stays strong where other countries have struggled
Anticipating the draining effects of an ageing population, Germany has implemented a series of major healthcare reforms over the past 20 years. 
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Wow-Worthy Medtech Startups – Germany
A German company is transforming smartphones into hearing aids.
The Mimi smart hearing technology is aimed to be a low-cost, effective alternative to traditionally expensive hearing aids
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Wireless Medical Devices to Watch – Moticon OpenGo Sensor Insole
German company Moticon’s OpenGo sensor insoles can be placed into any pair of shoes to measure weightbearing, balance, acceleration, and foot temperature. 
OpenGo insoles are currently used to analyze patients after orthopedic surgery, but in the future Moticon hopes to incorporate phone-based audio, visual, or haptic feedback into the device.
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-Chris Wiltz, Associate Editor, MD+DI
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