What Were the Top Medtech Startups in 2021?

These medical device startups are hoping to transform healthcare, and they've had a pretty good year. What do you think?

MDDI Staff

November 16, 2021

10 Slides

The next generation of medical device companies has had a busy year developing products, navigating regulatory paths, and raising funds along the way, all in a world forever changed by COVID-19. We’ve been inspired by their commitment to improve healthcare and to build foundations for successful medtech businesses.

We’ve gathered 9 thriving medtech startups in this slideshow for your consideration, and we invite you to nominate any standouts we may have missed. Please vote for your favorite (or favorites) at the end, and if you do write-in your choices, please tell us why in our anonymous survey.

Also, if you are wondering whether a company is a startup, we refer somewhat to the “50, 100, or 500 rule” by Alex Wilhelm, but we also take a company’s word if they call themselves a startup.

We’ll share the medtech startups with the most votes next week!

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