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Top 100 Medical Device Companies

How does your company rank in the medtech industry?

MDDI Staff

April 17, 2023

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The medtech industry is changing. Headwinds from the pandemic and a turbulent economy have impacted every company in the industry. 

See which companies have weathered the storm and led the pack with MD+DI's latest ranking of global medtech companies. The list ranks companies according to their annual medical device and product sector-specific sales (in U.S. dollars). 

For this year’s top 100 Medical Device Company list, we relied heavily on screens provided by S&P Capital IQ. We started by screening a list of the top medical device and supply companies globally and ranking them by revenue. We then checked the descriptions of each company to make sure that they do in fact make medical devices (as opposed to merely distributing them).

For conglomerates with large medical device businesses (e.g. Johnson & Johnson, GE, Abbot, Siemens, Phillips) we checked several sources, including Statista.com, mpo-mag.com, and individual company filings to separate out most recent medical device revenues from total revenues. Given many of the conglomerates didn’t appear in our initial Capital IQ screen, we then went back to add in the stock market information (market cap, last 12 month price change, P/E, P/B) for these companies relying primarily on Yahoo Finance.

Finally, we manually added fresh website information for all 100 companies using Capital IQ as our source.

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