Olympians Love These Technologies—Marc Pro

Marc Pro

August 15, 2016

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Olympians Love These Technologies—Marc Pro

Marc Pro

What it is: The Marc Pro is an FDA-cleared OTC device intended to help athlete recover and condition. The device is designed with two channels, each with two electrodes that can be placed over target muscles. 

According to the corporate website, the Marc Pro differs from other electrical muscle stimulators because it "employs a proprietary dynamic decaying waveform" to "comfortably contract muscles and then slowly release them over a period of time." The company also sells the Marc Pro Plus for temporary pain relief.

Who uses it: Olympic rower Sara Hendershot and Olympian track cyclist Giddeon Massie use the Marc Pro. A number of NFL and MLB teams also use the device

The science: Research from a couple studies cited on the corporate website shows electrical stimulation with the Marc Pro device was correlated with increased muscle strength and reduced feelings of muscle fatigue.

The testimonial: Giddeon Massie is quoted on the corporate website--"The Marc Pro helps me recover to my fullest every day, so I can train and compete to my fullest the next day."

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