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Medtech's Rising Stars: Adam Bender

Medtech's Rising Stars: Adam Bender
Adam Bender  

Adam Bender

Adam Bender, 25--Mechanical engineer at Accuro Technologies

As a mechanical engineer at device company Accuro Technologies, Bender is part of a small team developing a handheld device intended to improve the accuracy of intra-articular injections. The product idea came from sister company, Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals. Bender set up an in-house prototyping facility at Accuro, making the design-to-protoype process quick and seamless; this has resulted in 34 prototypes in under a year. "This means we can pivot our ideas quicker based on our growing pool of feedback, research, and knowledge of intra-articular injections to provide a better product on a faster timeline," he said. 

Bender was previously at Kardium, a device company focused on atrial fibrillation. There, he worked on a team to create clean room production equipment. With his focus on automated laser welding, Bender designed, machined, built, and programmed advanced robotics for intricate micro laser welding.

What's next--in his own words: "I love to create and tinker; my latest passion is electronics and embedded hardware. I think it would be fantastic to start diving into the world of sensors and digital devices in the medical field. I think there is a lot of potential for productive growth down that avenue."

What are the biggest factors that helped you become a young innovator? "Never stop learning! I'm always in search of new concepts to study and learn . . . I've built a 3-D printer, CNC router, automated microscope, stepper motor driver, and countless other projects. The outcome of constant development has been an exponential increase in the subjects and materials I've been exposed to, and learned in order to overcome obstacles that have popped up along the way. This keeps innovation fresh by having a constant inflow of new challenges and solutions."

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far? "I'd say the biggest challenge I face is my age. People generally express surprise at my age when I interact with them, especially in the medical field. The age gap I generally encounter is a bit of a barrier, but as soon as things get technical, I am right at home and most misconceptions disappear."



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[Image courtesy of ADAM BENDER]
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