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Medtech Startups Off the Beaten Path: Procured Health

Article-Medtech Startups Off the Beaten Path: Procured Health

Procured HealthChicago-based Procured Health has created a clinically driven algorithmic approach to identify opportunities for hospitals to evaluate the cost of medical devices and supp

lies. Hani N. Elias is the company's CEO. 

Q: Why did you choose to locate in Chicago?

A: We chose to locate the company in Chicago because of the incredible amount of talent in this city. Many of our staff members joined us from top universities in the area, and these schools provide us with a constant flow of new graduates to fuel our quickly growing team. 

Chicago is also a major player in the country's healthcare ecosystem with many large, progressive hospital systems and professional organizations in our backyard. Many of the biggest thought leaders in healthcare are based here, so the opportunity to learn and collaborate is huge.  

Q: What are the pros and cons of being outside of traditional medtech hubs?

A: The startup community in Chicago has been rapidly expanding in recent years. We've enjoyed being pioneers of medtech in such a great city and expanding alongside so many other innovative companies. While Chicago isn't a traditional medtech hub, we've learned a lot from our peers at other technology-focused companies, who we wouldn't have connected with if we weren't based here. Healthcare has operated in a vacuum for far too long. There is a lot to be learned from other industries as we work to improve the business of healthcare, as well as patient outcomes. 

           [image courtesy of PROCURED HEALTH]
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