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Award-winning medical device campaigns deliver value to wide-ranging audiences.

Lori Luechtefeld

September 1, 2007

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Uniting Healthcare Marketers

2007 In-Awe Winners

By Lori Luechtefeld

The Medical Marketing Association (MMA; San Francisco) issues its International Awards of Excellence (In-Awe) annually to recognize creative and effective work in medical and healthcare marketing for professional and consumer audiences. In early June, MMA presented more than 100 awards during its annual meeting in San Francisco (see sidebar, page 67).



Above, Bridget Johnson (left), director of marketing in the renal division of Baxter Healthcare Corp. (Deerfield, IL), accepts the 2007 Delta award from last year's winner, Holley Malia, principal of Grey Matter Marketing. Johnson was recognized for her work in promoting Baxter's peritoneal dialysis technology within the end-stage renal disease market (top).

During the ceremony, MMA named Bridget Johnson, director of marketing in the renal division of Baxter Healthcare Corp. (Deerfield, IL), as the winner of its annual Delta award. The award recognizes professionals whose work has resulted in positive changes in medical marketing, client services, patient care, and their company's success.

Johnson was recognized for her work in promoting Baxter's peritoneal dialysis technology within the end-stage renal disease market.

“The greatest challenge of the program was getting the many different stakeholders—from different regions of the world and from different functions, such as medical affairs and marketing—to agree that we could indeed develop and promote common messages and a common brand to our customers, despite perceived regional differences,” Johnson says. “In a $2 billion business with operations in more than 100 countries, it's easy to focus on only what we believe are differences—and therefore challenges—rather than to come together on the core common value we bring to our customers.”

In this article, MX highlights the challenges, strategies, and execution behind some of this year's winning medical device campaigns.


The "Ready. Set. Sealed." campaign by Anderson DDB (Toronto) won a gold In-Awe award in the category of journal advertising, full or fractional page.

Ready. Set. Sealed.
Anderson DDB
for Ethicon Inc., a Johnson &
Johnson company

Omnex is a surgical sealant manufactured by Ethicon Inc. (Somerville, NJ), a Johnson & Johnson company. Vascular surgeons use the sealant over the top of stitches when joining vessels to vessels or vessels to grafts. In creating a marketing campaign for Omnex, Anderson DDB (Toronto) faced several challenges.

For one, the marketers had to overcome the perception that only sloppy surgeons use surgical sealants—that the product is designed for those surgeons who can't manage the job with traditional stitching. In addition, many sealants currently on the market are regarded as cumbersome, requiring bulky applicators with poor access and precision. They can require lengthy preparation time, can cause tissue necrosis, and can be quite hard once they are set.

Anderson DDB's strategy was to change the negative perception of surgical sealants by leveraging Omnex's superior features. The campaign presents the product as a simple, precise tool that can save time and provide control and reliability.

“Ready. Set. Sealed.” is one of three ads in the Omnex campaign. The ad accentuates the elegant, ergonomic device. The campaign won a gold In-Awe award in the category of journal advertising, full or fractional page.


Apothecom won a bronze In-Awe award in the category of continuing medical education for its work on the "Bridging the Management Gap" campaign for Respironics Inc. (Murrysville, PA).

Bridging the Management Gap
Apothecom (formerly Fusion
Medical Education)
for Respironics Inc.

Sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that has recently been associated with heart failure, is often treated by sleep specialists. Thus, many heart failure specialists know little about the condition.

To remedy this situation, Respironics Inc. (Murrysville, PA) commissioned Apothecom (Wakefield, MA) to create an educational program for heart failure specialists. The resulting campaign, “Bridging the Management Gap,” is designed to convey the theme of the program in a context familiar to heart failure specialists. For this reason, Apothecom chose two primary images: one based on a heart—to gain the intended audience's attention—and the other to convey the theme of the program, sleep apnea.

The campaign won a bronze In-Awe award in the category of medical education, continuing medical education (CME).


Imagery in the "What Moves You?" campaign, produced by Archer/Malmo Inc. (Memphis) for Smith & Nephew plc (London), features a knee-level perspective of people enjoying aspirational activities.

Journey Knee: What Moves You?
By Archer/Malmo Inc.
For Smith & Nephew

Baby boomers have high expectations for maintaining an active lifestyle, and they are actively involved in healthcare decision-making. To inform this audience about the Journey Knee, a new knee replacement for active patients, Smith & Nephew plc (London) teamed up with Archer/Malmo Inc. (Memphis).

The challenge was to drive patients with knee osteoarthritis to Journey Knee–trained surgeons to learn about the product's unique technology and how it can help restore an active lifestyle. Through focus groups, the marketing team determined that the pain associated with osteoarthritis is very personal and emotional. Loss of movement translates into a loss of self. The resulting campaign's message—whatever moves you, knee pain shouldn't stop you—empathizes with people with knee osteoarthritis while providing an optimistic solution.

Postcampaign analysis revealed that 53% of the target audience members who saw the Journey Knee television ad responded online or by calling the 800 number. Of survey respondents, 57% reported making a physician's appointment after learning about the Journey Knee.

The entire campaign won three silver In-Awe awards in the categories of consumer print, direct mail; TV/radio, consumer TV spot; and integrated campaign, consumer campaign.


Bryant Brown Communications (Los Angeles) and Chiron, a business of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics (Emeryville, CA), collaborated to create a poster that would raise awareness of West Nile virus testing among people receiving and donating blood.

The Bug Stops Here
Bryant Brown Communications
for Chiron, a Business of Novartis
Vaccines and Diagnostics

With West Nile virus grabbing headlines and claiming victims worldwide, Chiron, a business of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics (Emeryville, CA), decided to develop a tool to help ease concerns about blood safety among people receiving and donating blood. With the help of Bryant Brown Communications LLC (Los Angeles), Chiron created a poster informing patients and blood donors at hospitals and blood centers that the institution displaying the poster uses Chiron's Procleix WNV assay to screen blood for West Nile virus.

The poster features an image of a carrier of the virus—the mosquito—and boldly announces, “The Bug Stops Here!” Branding plays a secondary role in the message: as the first nucleic acid test for West Nile virus, Procleix is the leading brand on the market and stands to benefit without the need to be more aggressively and pointedly promotional.

Chiron is now exploring awareness-raising (or reminding) campaigns for other assays that detect human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C virus, and hepatitis B virus.

The campaign won a bronze In-Awe award in the category of consumer print, sales promotion.



Above, Michael Dalton (left), vice president of Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics (Tarrytown, NY), presents a gold In-Awe award to Brian Arnold, global brand manager for Cook Group (Bloomington, IN). Cook won two gold awards for its "Everyday Promises" campaign (top).

Everyday Promises
Cook Medical

Although Cook Medical (Bloomington, IN) has been highly successful at innovating across multiple medical specialties, the company faces the challenge of unifying its record of innovation behind a single brand identity.

Cook's global marketing divisions support 312 separate brands in an already crowded brand space. Such a house-of-brands approach, aside from its significant financial cost, is undermining the equity of the Cook Medical brand while making it more difficult for a customer to understand the company's broad product line.

Intent on delivering the message of one strong brand, Cook decided the first step was to align its message internally. Cook launched the “Everyday Promises” campaign in 2006. The internal program represented the voice of the company and has significantly strengthened Cook's brand. The campaign included posters, a quarterly newsletter, surveys, table tents in the lunchroom, product awareness events, and a 2007 calendar of events. All of the elements worked together to clearly define what makes Cook and the work its employees do unique.

The campaign has united Cook employees by leveraging the vast history of stories told for years at Cook, all revolving around the promise of each and every employee to help improve people's lives. The job now is to evolve the company's internal campaign into an external message that will define what the Cook Medical brand stands for in the world of healthcare.

The campaign won a gold In-Awe award in the category of integrated campaign, professional/trade campaign.


Dorland Global Corp. (San Francisco) developed a patient awareness program for Abbott Vascular (Redwood City, CA). The campaign brochure won a silver In-Awe award.

ACT I Trial Patient Brochure
Dorland Global Corp.
for Abbott Vascular

In 2005, Abbott Vascular (Redwood City, CA) initiated the ACT I clinical trial, titled Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting versus Endarterectomy in Asymptomatic Subjects with Significant Extracranial Carotid Occlusive Disease. However, by mid-2006, enrollment had stalled and few physicians were referring patients.

In partnering with Dorland Global Corp. (San Francisco), Abbot Vascular looked to revitalize enrollment activity in the clinical trial and—staying within a strong corporate identity grid—create a dynamic look and feel to create interest in the trial and motivate patient candidates.

Dorland initiated a patient awareness program, starting with a trial brochure, to establish the serious clinical nature of asymptomatic carotid artery disease and deliver motivating messages to patients within the target audience. The brochure was supported by other materials, including posters and patient education pieces for physician offices.

Dorland also created a dedicated Web site, www.act1trial.com.

Response from trial participants was immediate and highly positive. Only three months after the initiative was launched, trial enrollment had increased 40%.

The campaign brochure won a silver In-Awe award in the category of consumer print, product or service brochure.


GMA Life (San Francisco) developed a new literature system for Cutera Inc. (Brisbane, CA). The campaign won a bronze In-Awe award.

Cutera Sales Materials
GMA Life
for Cutera Inc.

Cutera Inc. (Brisbane, CA), a leader in laser and light-based aesthetic products, needed a new literature system for its entire line of instruments. Besides direct, online, and media advertising, the company—in partnering with GMA Life (San Francisco)—decided that it wanted to equip its sales force with tools that would enable smarter selling and result in more sales.

In creating the sales tools, the team stressed the importance of the literature's functionality, how it was structured, and its ease of use. The products were separated into three distinct technology platforms, and an individual applications sheet was created for each.

The response from the sales force was tremendous. Finally they had literature that made sense, helping them to more effectively sell to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The campaign won a bronze In-Awe award in the category of sales rep materials, literature system.



Inferno LLC (Memphis) created a Flash-animated e-blast for Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics (Memphis). The Inferno creative team included (from left) Ben Powers, art director; Michael Overton, creative director and partner; and Tino Acchiardo, account manager.

Viagraf Film Noir
Inferno LLC
for Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics (Memphis) has a long history of excellence within the orthopedics industry. In 2006, the creative team at Inferno LLC (Memphis) was challenged to develop a compelling strategy to increase add-on sales of the company's Viagraf bone filler among its orthopedic trauma sales reps. Although Viagraf was an add-on product that was theoretically an easy sell, it was being left out of the sales presentation, and competing products were slipping in.

Inferno created a low-cost vehicle that could reach reps all over the globe—a Flash-animated e-blast. Film noir characters were created for the e-blasts to develop a role-playing dialogue that reinforced the importance of bringing Viagraf along on orthopedic product sales calls and using it to close the sale.

The clinical and business case for the Viagraf product line was made in a clear but entertaining way. Additionally, the Flash blasts—titled “The Case of the Missing Case” and “The Rep Who Wasn't There”—were available to the entire company via its Orthopaedics Online Web site.

The campaign won a gold In-Awe award in the category of interactive/digital, e-blast.


Interact Medical (South Bend, IN) worked with Medtronic Inc. (Minneapolis) to create an interactive online training program for Medtronic's neural integrity monitoring system.

Neural Integrity Monitoring Online
Interact Medical
for Medtronic Inc.

Medtronic Inc. (Minneapolis) recognized that surgeons worldwide needed to be well versed and educated in operating its neural integrity monitoring (NIM) system. Due to time and distance constraints, the company needed a way for surgeons to quickly and easily access instructional information about the NIM system at any time or location.

Interact Medical (South Bend, IN) developed a marketing plan and worked closely with Medtronic to create an interactive online training strategy that would help surgeons understand the features and benefits of this complex technology. The results were impressive.

Because doctors can do the training on their own time and in a self-paced manner, the system enables them to confidently prepare for a case. Due to its interactive and highly visual courseware, the online training makes it enjoyable. In addition, the cost of physician training for the NIM product has been dramatically reduced, thereby increasing Medtronic's return on investment in the system.

The campaign won a gold In-Awe award in the category of medical education, interactive, CME.



Above, Clayton Daniells (center), executive vice president and creative director for LehmanMillet (Boston), accepts an In-Awe award from presenters Michael Dalton (left), vice president of Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics (Tarrytown, NY), and Kathleen Bernstein, principal and head of client services at Seidler Bernstein (Cambridge, MA). LehmanMillet won a gold award for its breast cancer awareness campaign (top) for Allergan Inc. (Irvine, CA).

Breast Cancer Awareness
for Allergan Inc.

Through the purchase of Inamed, Allergan Inc. (Irvine, CA) became a major player in breast aesthetics. The company worked with LehmanMillet (Boston) to relaunch silicone breast implants in the United States and develop an integrated campaign increasing awareness for both physicians and patients.

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Allergan wanted to find a creative way to demonstrate its commitment to breast cancer prevention and treatment. At the same time, the company also sought to highlight its new position as a leader in breast aesthetics, reconstruction, and issues associated with breast health.

In developing the campaign's look, LehmanMillet highlighted the beauty of the female form through the equity inherent in the breast cancer ribbon. The initial success of the ad encouraged Allergan to place it in additional publications. Furthermore, physicians' offices requested poster and tabletop versions of the ad for prominent display within their practices.

The campaign won a gold In-Awe award in the category of consumer print, full- or fractional-page ad.


North American Scientific (Chatsworth, CA) hired the Miller Group (Los Angeles) to name a new brachytherapy treatment for breast cancer, develop its brand identity, and design its logo. The resulting ClearPath logo won a bronze In-Awe award.

ClearPath Logo
The Miller Group
for North American Scientific

Concurrent with its development of a new brachytherapy treatment for breast cancer, North American Scientific (Chatsworth, CA) hired the Miller Group (Los Angeles) to name the product, develop its brand identity, and design its logo. Based on client input, physician research, and several specific attributes, the firm developed the name ClearPath.

The main challenge was to design a logo that spoke to two entirely separate audiences with distinctive needs—doctors and patients. One common denominator is that both must trust the treatment they choose to follow. Therefore, the Miller Group designed the ClearPath logo to be approachable, comforting, soft, and feminine for the patient, as well as breakthrough and scientific for the physician.

ClearPath was introduced to the medical community in July 2006, and full rollout is planned by the end of 2007.

The ClearPath logo won a bronze In-Awe award in the category of graphics/design, logo design.


The Mynx packaging, created by ODA (San Francisco) for AccessClosure Inc. (Mountain View, CA), won a gold In-Awe award.

Mynx Packaging
for AccessClosure Inc.

When AccessClosure Inc. (Mountain View, CA) came to ODA (San Francisco) to develop the creative for its next-generation vascular closure device, the Mynx, the game plan was to establish a highly differentiated brand look and feel that would serve as a distinct advantage within the competitive space.

With this goal in mind, ODA set out to design a progressive, unconventional, and confident identity system for the Mynx. The signature logo mark M was designed to embody a mischievous, cat-like quality, serving as a telltale identifier for the company. When it came time to extend the Mynx brand to the product packaging, ODA decided to create a box design that appears more likely to hold a flashy basketball sneaker than a closure device.

The Mynx packaging won a gold In-Awe award in the category of graphics/design, packaging/labeling.


PJA Advertising and Marketing (Cambridge, MA) won a gold In-Awe award for its campaign for iCAD Inc. (Nashua, NH).

Never Stop Looking
PJA Advertising and Marketing
for iCAD Inc.

PJA Advertising and Marketing (Cambridge, MA) started working with iCAD Inc. (Nashua, NH) in August 2006 to help the company reposition itself as a leader within the computer-aided detection marketplace. The engagement was initiated just as iCAD's number-one competitor, R2, was acquired by Hologic Inc. (Bedford, MA), a leading women's healthcare company.

In preparing the campaign, PJA hosted a strategy session with iCAD's senior leadership team. Output from that session led to a positioning statement promoting iCAD's exclusive focus on computer-aided detection—rather than being part of a larger women's healthcare company, like iCAD's competition—along with the company's leading technology and workflow solutions.

The tagline, “Never Stop Looking,” became the core driver of the integrated campaign. Tactical elements of the campaign include a redesigned trade show booth, a two-minute brand video to bring iCAD's story to life, print advertising for radiology trade magazines, an updated identity system, a 12-page corporate brochure describing iCAD's mission and vision, individual sell sheets for each of the products the company sells, and a redesigned Web site incorporating iCAD's new branding imagery.

The initial response to the new iCAD identity has been dramatic. Employees and many of iCAD's strategic partners—including GE, Siemens, and Fuji—have embraced the reinvigorated brand with enthusiasm and excitement. Results where they matter most have also been impressive: sales revenues for iCAD increased 57% for the quarter ending June 30, 2007, compared with the year-ago period.
The campaign won a gold In-Awe award in the category of film/video (nonbroadcast), trade show event attraction.


Strategem Healthcare Communications (San Francisco) won a silver In-Awe award for the sales tools it developed for Smith & Nephew (London).

Versajet Sales Tool DVD
Strategem Healthcare
for Smith & Nephew

Traditionally, wound debridement has been executed with scalpels and curettes, but precision is a challenge when excising necrotic tissue. Smith & Nephew (London) developed Versajet as a safe and effective tool that enables precise debridement, proven to reduce bacterial burden in the wound while allowing the surgeon to discriminate between healthy and necrotic tissue in an exact manner.

Smith & Nephew partnered with Strategem Healthcare Communications (San Francisco) to provide its sales representatives with a tool for promoting and influencing surgeons to try Versajet. Strategem's strategy was to design an easy-to-use interface from which a sales rep could quickly choose the appropriate self-running presentation for the surgeon.

The sales tool enables the rep to customize presentations for a personal connection with the surgeon. For repeat visits, the DVD is loaded with testimonials and case studies to fully engage the surgeon and address myriad clinical applications of the Versajet. Included are supplementary modules that support the usability and financial benefits of Versajet, as well as complementary products.

The resulting DVD has been greeted with enthusiastic applause from the field sales force and marketing teams, and it is currently being translated for use in several countries outside the United States. Furthermore, Smith & Nephew's sales management considers the DVD an important element in achieving their 2007 sales figures.

The campaign won a silver In-Awe award in the category of sales representative materials, interactive, sales/product/detail aid.

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