Johnson & Johnson's Take on Emerging Markets

February 12, 2016

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How Are Medtech's Emerging Markets Faring?—Johnson & Johnson

"Look, I think what we would say overall is we continue to see let's say a slightly increasing positive trend. So we saw hospital admissions I believe up around 2%. We saw surgical procedures up a little over 1% in the U.S. That's the most recent data that we have.

If we go outside the U.S. we think rates in Europe have been pretty steady. And even in the markets in which we compete most significantly in the developing markets, we haven't seen a major impact from secular shifts. Perhaps in China some but not dramatic. And then putting that into the context and what that represents overall on our business, we don't see it as a major indicator."

—Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson chairman and CEO, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript of the company's fourth quarter earnings call

"And on China, just a couple comments. That China, we did see a slowdown in China primarily in the Consumer business, because both Medical Devices and Pharma businesses still had high single digit growth in China. And we're optimistic about China going into 2016. Our plans are for improved growth in China in 2016.

But I just want to put China in perspective. It's less than 5% of our sales. It's an important market for us longer term with 1.3 billion people and lots of healthcare needs, et cetera. But any short-term changes in their economy is unlikely to have any significant impact on our results."

—Dominic Caruso, Johnson & Johnson chief financial officer and vice president, finance, according to the call transcript.


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