Growing Sales and Profits in a Flat Market

Carlo Medici, Tobi Laczkowskiand 1 more

March 1, 2004

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Growing Sales and Profits in a Flat Market

Originally Published MX March/April 2004


A sleeker sales force can do it if customers are targeted rationally.

Carlo Medici, Tobi Laczkowski, and Kelly Tousi

Conventional wisdom prescribes spending money to make money. Bracco Diagnostics Inc. (Princeton, NJ), a diagnostic pharmaceuticals manufacturer, tells a different story—that top-line growth can occur even when costs are reduced, by focusing resources on delighting the right customers.

Bracco supplies x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents to medical imaging facilities in the United States. In late 2001, the company undertook an effort to grow sales and profits in a challenging market environment. Growth had slowed in the previous few years for a variety of reasons. A stagnant market for contrast agents, prices depressed by competition, and the heavy hand of group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in the market contributed to the problem, but the Bracco organization faced significant internal challenges as well.

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