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April 19, 2005

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Originally Published MPMN April 2005



In-line filter
An all-PTFE filter provides a highly inert flow path that protects laboratory equipment by trapping particulate matter. The filter comes with a replaceable element designed to remove particulates from fluids that could otherwise cause damage to laboratory pumps, valves, and other mechanical liquid-handling devices. A filter housing imprinted with a spoke-style distribution pattern distributes the fluid over the entire filter surface area to ensure maximum filtration. Connection options include male/female 1¼4 to 28 and female/female 1¼4 to 28 threaded options, plus a barbed version for 1¼16 in. inner diameter softwall tubing. Bio-Chem Valve Inc., Boonton, NJ

Transfer and filter devicesmpmn0504p28b.jpg

A complete line of transfer and filter devices are offered for a variety of fluid-transfer applications. The DP1000 dispensing pin features a bacteria-retentive air-venting filter that simplifies aspiration and injection and minimizes the chance of contamination. The fluid channel design allows for complete withdrawal of medication. The CDP-2000 chemo-dispensing pin captures airborne agents that can be released during the drug-preparation process and provides protection from aerosolization hazards. The Filter Straw particulate matter filter removes glass particles that result when ampules are opened. The product features a 5-µm filter, and is available in lengths of 4 in. and 1.75 in. B. Braun Medical Inc. OEM Industrial Div., Bethlehem, PA

Luer filtersmpmn0504p28c.jpg

A line of female luers can be used in pneumatic and fluidic applications. The filters are mounted in nylon, polypropylene, or Kynar luers to work with a range of customer needs. The units can be used to protect valves, miniature pumps, and analysis equipment. Female luers are offered with male luers, male luer locks, bulkhead hose barbs, and hose barbs from 1¼16 to 5¼32 and 10-32 to 1¼4-28 UNF threads. Types of filter media available are nylon, polypropylene, and fluorocarbon in various sizes from 10 to 200 µm. Pneuline Supply Inc., Greeley,

Self-priming IV filtersmpmn0504p28d.jpg

Adult IV filters have acrylic housing with hydrophilic PES filters and hydrophobic PTFE vents. Part #28220 has a 0.2µm membrane with clear housing. Part #28221 has a 1.2µm membrane with transparent blue housing. The filters measure approximately 3 ¥ 1¼4 ¥ 1 1¼3 in. and contain two ports to fit 0.120 to 0.125 in. tubing. The rectangular filters are molded with an arrow on one side to indicate direction of flow and are self-priming to vent air in the line. Qosina, Edgewood, NY

Filter fabricsmpmn0504p28e.jpg

Fabrics act as security filters and as wicking and spreading media. Examples include infusion sets and transfusion sets, arterial and cardiotomy blood filters, blood bags, dialysis sets, and diagnostic test strips. Medifab fabrics are routinely tested for endotoxins and hemolytic substances. USP Class VI, ISO 10993, and cytotoxicity tests are performed regularly. Surface treatments including hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings and plasma are available to enhance priming, wetting, and wicking properties. Sefar, Depew, NY

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