DeRoyal Acquires Waterstone Medical

January 1, 2003

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DeRoyal Acquires Waterstone Medical

Originally Published MPMNJanuary/February 2003


DeRoyal Acquires Waterstone Medical

Zachary Turke

This 16-L Omni-Jug canister will now be offered by DeRoyal following its acquisition of Waterstone Medical Inc.

In a bid to increase its portfolio of waste fluid-management solutions, DeRoyal (Knoxville, TN; has acquired the assets of Waterstone Medical Inc. (Falls Church, VA; Taking effect in the fourth quarter of 2002, this acquisition allows DeRoyal to better serve its customers' needs by offering large-volume canisters. "With increased efforts by the EPA to reduce medical waste and OSHA's requirements on fluid-waste management, people are in need of quick, flexible, and simple solutions," explains DeRoyal president Steve Ward. "With the addition of Waterstone's product line, DeRoyal is now in a position to help our customers meet all of these challenges through a single vendor," he says.

As part of the acquisition, DeRoyal will now offer the 16-L disposable Omni-Jug suction canister. Designed to fit into standard ring stands, this product reduces the number of canister changes required during operations involving heavy fluid irrigation. The company will also now supply the 15-L gravity-fed Drain-Jug drain receptacle. Used primarily during cystoscopies and arthroscopies, this product replaces open-topped buckets that can be knocked over during surgery or cleanup.

In addition to these canisters, DeRoyal will distribute the Aqua-Box siphoning unit and the Puddle Guppy aspirator. The Aqua-Box is a wall-mounted device that can be used to discard fluid from a standard suction canister in 12 seconds. It measures 14 x 16 in. and runs independently of a facility's vacuum system. Featuring a detachable handle, the Puddle Guppy device eliminates the need for towels and mats on the floor during surgery. 

DeRoyal will supply these acquisitions through its acute-, patient-, and wound-care divisions. The company also features an OEM division that services the medical device industry from 25 manufacturing facilities in America and abroad. 

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