Benefits of a Direct Sales Force

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Steve Halasey

September 1, 2008

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Benefits of a Direct Sales Force


By virtue of their being salaried employees of the medtech company for which they sell, direct sales reps offer certain advantages that the company's executives will not necessarily receive from other sales approaches. These include the following.

  • Direct reps devote 100% of their selling effort to a single company and its products.

  • Since they are employees, maintaining control over direct sales reps is not an issue.

  • Product knowledge is maximized when reps concentrate on a single line.

  • Clearly representing a company rather than themselves, direct reps have high credibility among customers.

  • Direct reps are easier to manage.

  • Some direct reps will develop into company managers.

  • It is easier to fit a direct sales force into the corporate culture than to achieve such harmony with independent reps.

  • As employees operating within a structured corporate context, direct reps are able to tolerate a weak support organization.

  • Good will earned by direct reps accrues entirely to the company they represent.

  • Sales-function tasks peripheral to actual selling are readily executed when they fall within the direct rep's job description.

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