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May 19, 2006

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Adhesive for cover tapes

Purposed for vertical- and lateral-flow diagnostic applications, an adhesive for cover tapes simplifies the process of bonding to fiberglass pads. The GL-166 adhesive does not impede sample flow in most applications and can be used on hard-to-bond surfaces. The product is available in printed or nonprinted, clear or white versions.
G&L Precision Die Cutting, San Jose, CA

Pressure-sensitive tape

A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape provides low-tack adhesion to sensitive skin areas
in order to improve patient comfort. The TM9716 tape is suited for use on neonatal, pediatric, and geriatric patients. Device applications include transdermal delivery systems and ECG and nerve-stimulation electrodes. The tape is built on a 1/16-in. closed-cell 4-lb polyethlene foam carrier and is coated on one side with the company’s MP-591 adhesive.
MACtac, Stow, OH

Gravure-coated adhesives

Gravure-coated adhesives are suited for direct-skin medical applications such as dressings, wound care, surgical drapes, and medical device attachment. A cross-hatch-pattern coating process applies a precise volume of adhesive to substrates in a repetitive pattern and reduces the amount of adhesive on the substrate. The adhesive can cover between 50 and 70% of the substrate, and the application process can coat widths up to 60 in.
Scapa Medical, Windsor, CT

UV adhesives

Solvent-free UV adhesives and compatible UV-light curing equipment are available for use in medical device assembly. Possible applications of the adhesives include the assembly of reservoirs, syringes, respiratory masks, catheters, optics, and surgical instruments. The firm also offers bonding studies for device manufacturers who are contemplating using UV-light-curable adhesives and tests the manufacturer’s components on material samples.
Dymax Corp., Torrington, CT

Flexible UV-curable adhesives

Because it is an aliphatic urethane polymer system, a one-component ultraviolet-curable adhesive will remain clear and not yellow over time. UV 60-7100 provides a quick cure, good bonds, and impact and moisture resistance. The product is suited for device applications requiring clarity, low viscosity, and high elongation.
Epoxies, Etc., Cranston, RI

Adhesive nonwovens

Breathable adhesive nonwovens are certified for skin sensitization, skin irritation, and cytotoxicity in accordance with ISO 10993. The adhesive-coated melt-blown polyurethane nonwovens are suited for dressings designed for areas prone to frequent movement, such as elbows, knees, and ankles. The Inspire line of products is offered with a package of test data that characterize the physical properties of the materials, including adhesion.
InteliCoat Technologies, Wrexham, Clwyd, UK

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