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Bringing Hollywood to Medtech

Bob Bekian and his company Spotburner are partnering with healthcare firms to produce high quality demonstration videos of medical devices.

Typically, the tutorials for medical devices aren’t extremely flashy. The videos convey a simple message and get straight to the point. However, one company is bringing high quality production levels to the medtech industry. Spotburner is a specialist in producing videos for healthcare companies.

“I have a television studio and I have been producing commercials for about 20 years,” Bob Bekian, CEO of Spotburner told MD+DI. “Typically, these sort of productions (medical device videos) have been a must-do, but they haven’t been able to really flourish in terms of production value and quality.”

Most recently, the Los Angeles-based company delivered an eight-minute corporate video explaining the use and operation of Amgen’s Autotouch device for the Enbrel arthritis drug.

The video describes how the Thousand Oaks, CA-based company’s automatic device allows a patient to administer the drug by simply placing it painlessly on the skin.

Bekian said the company provides a turnkey service for video and animation and it helps manufacturers explain products and services efficiently at a much lower price point with a speedier turnaround.

In Amgen’s case, Spotburner worked from a rigorously written script, delivered a 6K video that met stringent FDA requirements, and the demands of Amgen’s internal quality control department.

“My goal is to become part of the medical device and healthcare industry as sort of the content producer that partners up with these companies,” Bekian said. “We want to help them tell the story of their devices and show the people, whether it be the public or the healthcare providers, how these devices are to be used.”

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