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Process Optimizer Targets Molders and ExtrudersProcess Optimizer Targets Molders and Extruders

June 1, 2003

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Process Optimizer Targets Molders and Extruders

Originally Published MPMN June 2003


Process Optimizer Targets Molders and Extruders


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By accessing an on-line optimizer feature, extruders and molders can determine ways to reduce scrap and per-part costs in the plastication process. Designed by Spirex Corp. (Youngstown, OH), the Process Optimizer located at www.spirex.com invites users to enter their machine specifications, existing screw data, and processing conditions on a form. Based on this information, Spirex engineers will provide comprehensive recommendations for improving the plastication.

The form also includes a cost justification analysis. Users can input their part quantities, cycle time, resin costs, and other relevant data to rapidly determine the profitability level and competitive advantage that can be achieved.

"Molders may be able to save thousands of dollars per month in production costs by optimizing the performance of the machine's plasticating unit," says Spirex president Paul T. Colby. "This may require a change in thought on the part of some molders," he adds. "They may have to stop thinking of screws, barrels, valves, and other components in the plasticating unit merely as replacement parts, [but see them as] part of a system designed to increase profitability."

To develop process efficiency in plastication, manufacturers should focus on reducing scrap, cycle time, and component wear, according to the firm. Spirex also recommends analyzing material delivery components and clamp, tooling, cooling, and take-off equipment as part of a comprehensive process optimization program.

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