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Testing and Inspection Equipment and Services

Originally Published MPMN January 2004


Testing and Inspection Equipment and Services

Multipurpose tester

Compact production equipment capable of performing up to 65 steps can be configured to meet the requirements of a range of products. Functions include feeding, assembly, printing, ultrasonic welding, labeling, leak testing, and checking of printing patterns, dosage, and more. The single system also measures tension, pressure, force, and velocity. The equipment is made from stainless steel and is designed for easy access and disinfection. Mueller + Kurtz Sondermaschinen GmbH, Winterbach, Germany; 

Implanted device testing

Testing and evaluation equipment allows hard implants, such as metallic stents, to be analyzed within surrounding tissue. While the evaluation of implants usually requires decalcifying the bone or removing the device, the Exakt Histological Processing System enables viewing of the soft or hard implant within the hard tissue. Photographs suitable for regulatory agency submissions and medical publishing can be generated by the system. NAMSA, Northwood, OH; 

Syringe tester

The force required to move a syringe plunger is measured using a hypodermic syringe tester. The Lab Master can also measure the penetration resistance of the tip with 0.01-lbf resolution. Users can evaluate the properties of tips for R&D purposes, or use the instrument for production testing. A fixture supports the syringe and other probe options, allowing the machine to be configured for R&D analysis or one-touch automated process control. The Lab Master includes a Windows operating system and a touch screen flat-panel display in a compact unit. Force measurement range and resolution achieves 250 ¥ 0.01 lbf, and the device's measurement accuracy is ±0.25 lbf or 0.5% of reading. Control accuracy is ±0.34 lbf steady state. The system also offers a position range and resolution of 60 mm ¥ 0.1 µm, and measurement accuracy of ±1.0 µm/60 mm. Testing Machines Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY; 

Chemical and biological analysis

A testing laboratory provides chemical and microbiological analytical services. Its offerings include plastic- and glass-container testing, comparator product testing, extractables and leachates analysis, consulting services, and analytical-method development and validation. The microbiology testing covers nonsterile products and sterile products using barrier isolator technology. Lancaster Laboratories, Lancaster, PA; 

Pinhole detector

Featuring a curtain sensor and control unit, an electronic pinhole detector locates defects in laminated fabrics and plastic and polyurethane sheet, film, and bags on the production line. According to the company, the PDC-20 in-line equipment is an alternative to in-line optical or visual inspection, which yields high scrap levels. When faulty material passes through the curtain sensor, the detection circuit records defect data and provides various process control outputs to activate external alarms, lights, and auxiliary machinery. Tetrafluoroethylene, PVC, and other materials in thicknesses of 0.001 to 0.100 in. and widths to 144 in. can be tested. The equipment is also available in modified designs to accommodate the testing of tubing and discrete parts. Clinton Instrument Co., Clinton, CT; 

Defibrillator analyzers

Defibrillator analyzers incorporate a large graphic display with a menu interface for easy access to all tests. The DA-2003, without pacing capabilities, provides the features of a basic defibrillator analyzer and the DA-2003P, with pacing, adds transthoracic pace-testing capabilities. The DA-2003 measures delivered energy in watt-seconds with a simulated human resistance of 50 W; the defibrillator pulse can be replayed for viewing on a recorder or oscilloscope. The DA-2003P includes the same features, with the addition of tests and displays of pulse rate and width, current, voltage, and refractory periods. Pacer loads from 50 to 2300 W are built in. BC Group, St. Louis, MO; 

Inspection services

A one-stop provider of testing and inspection services for the analytical and diagnostic industry applies comprehensive tests during the instrument assembly process. Run-in tests designed for each instrument prevent breakdowns and failures during the start-up phase at the customer's site. Specialists in the company's medical lab facility perform tests under ambient lab working conditions. The company also develops custom test procedures and instruments for a range of OEM mechanical and electronic applications. BIT Analytical Instruments, Menomonee Falls, WI; 

Universal test machine

An accuracy-testing machine enables customers to choose capabilities for research and product quality assessment. The LFPlus accepts XLC-series load cells or Chatillon digital force gauges as the load-measuring device. It also features a generous working space to accommodate larger-than-average samples. The company markets specialty material-testing equipment and manufactures electrical and electromechanical products. Ametek, Largo, FL; 

Multimode manifold

When attached to a hydraulic burst and leak tester, a manifold enables the unattended testing of one to 10 parts simultaneously. Featuring three basic modes, the Smart manifold's parallel mode pressurizes all selected ports simultaneously. Failed ports are automatically detected and closed before testing is resumed. The sequential mode pressurizes each selected port individually, suitable for pressure fluctuations. The single mode affects only the selected individual port, allowing the tester to be used for single-product testing without disconnection from the Smart manifold. Crescent Design, San Diego, CA; 

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