June 1, 1997

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Nd:YAG Laser Systems

Held March 15-17, 1997


Nd:YAG Laser Systems

Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers and beam-delivery systems are available for cutting, welding, drilling, and micromachining surgical instruments, battery casings, and related components. The four-axis ProLas systems are compact workstations designed for prototype and midsize production runs. They come equipped with an SLS laser that is available in the range of 10, 20, or 100 W with up to three fibers for welding parts of various shapes and configurations. A PC controls the operating parameters of the laser and the four-axis motion system.Lasag Corp. (847/593-3021)


Motion-Control Devices

A company specializes in stepping-motor drives and systems. Products include miniature full- and half-step bipolar drives from 2 to 9 A at 12 to 80 V dc, microstepping drives from 1 to 7 A RMS at 12 to 80 V dc and complete microstepping systems with integrated power supplies. Encoders, stepping motors (size 17 to 42), power supplies, handheld terminals, software, and accessories are also available. The firm can provide technical assistance, even with the most complex applications. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc. (860/295-6102)


Machining Services

A contract manufacturer uses laser and water-jet equipment to cut, drill, weld, mark, and heat-treat custom components. Facilities house 12 laser systems and 16 CNC water-jet stations, all governed by sophisticated process controls. A wide range of materials can be processed, including titanium, stainless steel, plastics, stone, and composites. The company can maintain high precision and quality while minimizing cost. LAI Laser Applications Inc. (410/857-0770)


Optical Measuring System

Suitable for inspecting electronic, plastic, and metal working parts, an optical measuring system features a programmable ring illuminator. The SmartRing's multiple-ring design gives the user complete control of illumination direction and incidence angle, useful for imaging surface details. The working distance remains a constant 4 in., and no mechanical motion of the illuminator is necessary to vary the incidence angle. The improved SmartScope measuring system also features the new AccuCentric zoom lens that provides larger working clearance, sharper images, and better illumination. A digital color camera with a third-generation DSP chip set is included. The system is available with a Windows-based software package, offering 24 Mbyte of memory. Optical Gaging Products Inc. (716/544-0400)


Specialty Compounds

Suitable for manufacturing a variety of medical devices, specialty compounds have been formulated to meet extrusion or molding requirements for flexible, semirigid, and rigid applications. Materials are engineered to achieve features such as gel-free clarity, color stability after sterilization, radiopacity, migration resistance, and slipperiness with DEHP, phthalate-free, and halogen-free alternatives. Recent product introductions include a line of compounds that use vegetable-derived stabilizers and lubricants rather than bovine derivatives for increased clarity and gamma stability. AlphaGary Corp. (800/221-6599)

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