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Wireless data collected directly from patients during normal physical activities could enable the development of better knee implants

April 18, 2007

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Automation and Robotics

Originally Published MPMN April 2007


Automation and Robotics

Intelligent Robot Demonstrates Sight and Touch

Lighter and more compact than its predecessor, an intelligent miniature robot also features improved wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed, according to its manufacturer. The LR Mate 200iC supports such intelligent functions as an internal programmable controller, Ethernet, force sensing, and the firm’s built-in vision system. Requiring only a camera and cable, the iRVision system has a 2-D robot guidance tool that enables the robot to “see.” The tool aids the robot in locating parts, error proofing, and other tasks that typically call for special sensors or custom fixtures. While performing assembly operations, for example, the robot also uses “touch” to adjust part placement accordingly.

Suited for small-part flexible production, the robot can be used for high-speed part handling, machine tending, assembly, and material removal. Equipped with a slim arm for operation within narrow spaces and an optional IP67 rating that allows it to withstand harsh environments, the robot also exhibits rigidity for smooth motion. The six-axis robot can adapt to small lot sizes, new styles, and modifications as well. Manufacturers can mount the robot on the floor or tabletop, inside machines, at an angle, or inverted, which maximizes flexibility for small and narrow workspaces.
Fanuc Robotics, Rochester Hills, MI

Supplier Unveils Upgraded Automated Hole-Making System

A redesigned automated hole-making system has retained the features of its predecessor, but includes a host of new ones. Among the additional features are a brushless drill-motor design suited for controlled-environment production areas, increased pattern and hole quantity capacity, and pattern recall by pattern or part number. Speed keys for quick recall of commonly used patterns, password protection for edit modes, in-process pause and abort commands, and manual-mode functions for setup and testing are also included. Compared with previous models, the CL2 provides enhanced position accuracy, improved cycle times, a smaller footprint, and lighter package, according to the company. It is available in automated three-axis, four-axis, or four-axis with tandem rotary grasper system versions. Furthermore, the machine is offered with an interchangeable head that enables an operator to convert from drilling to punching operations.
Technical Innovations, Brazoria, TX

High-Precision Robots Offer Repeatability to within ±0.015 mm

Configured for payloads up to 20 kg, high-speed four-, five-, and six-axis robots have reaches ranging from 350 to 1300 mm. Repeatable to within ±0.015 mm, the robots also feature a compact design and concealed electrical wiring and air lines that reduce interference with surrounding equipment. A high maximum moment of inertia allows a broad choice of end effectors, according to the firm. Controllers and teaching pendants are also offered, as is the company’s Wincaps II 3-D simulation software, which allows off-line programming as well as remote monitoring of robot operations. The ANSI- and CE-compliant robots are available in standard as well as Class 10 and Class 100 cleanroom models. Applications include assembly, dispensing, inspection, machining, pick and place, and material handling.
Denso Robotics, Long Beach, CA

Packaging Robot Claimed as Fastest in the Industry

A parallel robot is designed for high-speed packaging and material-handling operations. Heralding the Quattro s650 as the fastest light-payload packaging robot in the industry, its manufacturer also maintains that the robot is the only one in the world featuring a four-arm design for obtaining high speeds and acceleration. The four-axis vision-guided robot has a 2-kg rated payload, a 1300-mm work envelope, and embedded SmartServo controls. Additional specifications include a maximum speed of 10 m per second, a position repeatability of ±0.1 mm and an angular repeatability of ±0.4°, an ambient temperature range of 1° to 40°C, and inverted mounting position.
Adept Technology Inc., Livermore, CA

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