Products from the Cover of MPMN

July 1, 1999

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Products from the Cover of MPMN

Products from the Cover of MPMN


Mass flowmeters

TSI Inc. (St. Paul, MN) Series 4000 flowmeters measure mass flow, volume, temperature, and pressure. Features include high accuracy (2% of reading), a fast response time of 4 milliseconds, and low pressure drop of 2 cm H2O at 100 slm. Applications include prototyping and production testing of ventilators, anesthesia systems, metabolic monitors, spirometers, and other cardiorespiratory devices.


Diode-pumped lasers

Cutting Edge Optronics Inc. (St. Charles, MO) offers the UV Stiletto laser that provides high peak power pulses with typical optical pulsewidths of 25 nanoseconds at 1 kHz and 50 nanoseconds at 10 kHz. A 6.5-in. extension containing the nonlinear crystals and dichroic set is screwed onto the output of the laser head for 532 and 355 nm operation.


Polysulfone high-flow couplings

Lightweight high-flow couplings manufactured by Colder Products Co. (St. Paul, MN) are a cost-effective replacement for stainless-steel connectors and fittings. Applications include bioprocessing lines, cell culture bags, diagnostic device manufacturing, laboratory tubing connections, and kidney dialysis equipment.


Subminiature slide switch

Designed to reduce space and energy requirements, a microsubminiature slide switch from NKK Switches (Scottsdale, AZ) is less than 0.354 x 0.622 x 0.275 in. Insert-molded terminals and double-molded housings provide reliability and long life.


Double-lumen tubing

Measuring 5 mm OD with the smallest lumen at 0.45 mm OD, double-lumen tubing from Polygon Co. (Walkerton, IN) is constructed of continuous reinforced composite material. Initially developed for a laparoscopic surgical shielding system, the tubing is inherently insulative and has a dielectric strength of 800 V/mil.

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