MPMN November '99 Cover Products

November 1, 1999

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MPMN November '99 Cover Products

MPMN November '99 Cover Products


High-Voltage Capacitors

High-voltage, multi-layer capacitors from Spectrum Control Inc. (Fairview, PA) can be voltage conditioned up to 5000 Vdc. Capacitance ranges from 50 pF to 2.2 µF in 15 standard sizes.


PC Controller

Billed as an industry first, the MachineLogic PC logic controller from CTC Parker Automation (Milford, OH) combines PC-based open design with the reliability and cost-effectiveness of programmable logic controllers.


Cleanroon Assembly

The machining plant at Norman Noble Inc. (Highland Heights, OH) now includes a cleanroom, which allows the company to assemble and package medical devices in a low-particulate environment.

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