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Device Tests Curved and Straight Needles 14658Device Tests Curved and Straight Needles

September 1, 2002

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Device Tests Curved and Straight Needles

Originally Published MPMN SeptemberHOTLINEDevice Tests Curved and Straight Needles
Both penetration and bend testing can be accomplishedA needle tester can measure the performance of both curved and straight needles. Traditionally, the test of needle sharpness is the measurement of the force required for it to penetrate a consistent membrane. Curved needles have been difficult to analyze because side loading is eliminated, which can skew the measurement of force. Read more... Cutting-Edge Technology Yields Sharper Blades Ion-beam milling produces ultrafine surgical instruments
Combining MEMS micromachining with high-energy physics, a process uses focused-ion-beam milling to produce cutting edges that are sharper than those obtained by previous methods. "Your average razor blade has a 600–1000-Å radius of curvature," explains Martin Newman, a principal with MDW Technologies (Newport Beach, CA). Read more... Molded Plastic Gears Find Niche in Glucose Monitors, Magnetic Imaging Devices Compact, lightweight components are suited for mobile devicesAlthough they can be as small as 12 mm OD and weigh less than 1 g, molded plastic gears can achieve reduction ratios up to 8000:1. Wave Drive technology, developed by Oechsler AG (Ansbach, Germany), has numerous applications, but the components' compact size and light weight make them particularly suitable for use in medical devices, according to project manager Frank Poehlau. Read more...Copyright ©2002 Medical Product Manufacturing News

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