Adhesives Spur Growth in the Device Market

Lawrence Lloyd

March 1, 2008

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Adhesives Spur Growth in the Device Market


Adhesives with enhanced performance characteristics have helped medical device manufacturers develop a new breed of versatile devices for therapeutic, surgical, and diagnostic procedures, according to a recent market research report.

Applied Data Research analyzed engineering and market factors for adhesives in a report titled, “Medical Device Adhesives: Markets and Opportunities.” The study outlines qualitative and quantitative data on key demand factors and trends.

Improved synthetic materials and sophisticated designs have created more applications for adhesives in medical devices, the report says. These factors, in tandem with advances in bonding materials and automated assembly, are widening opportunities for medical adhesives suppliers.

In many cases, manufacturers benefit from savvy material selection. For example, high-performance adhesives for medical applications are available in bulk form and as tapes and films. The report says the high-performance qualities of the bonding materials can sometimes be traced to a common resin feature. The physical form of the adhesive may also help lead to better patient outcomes.

The report discusses shifts in the collaboration process, such as how adhesives suppliers are increasingly working with device designers early on in the design phase. Early collaboration allows adhesives to be tailored for specific products and applications.

The report also does the following:

  • Evaluates key factors influencing the growth of medical adhesives.

  • Analyzes market and business forces that shape product decisions in key market segments. It also forecasts future developments.

  • Assesses medical product development and design dynamics. Predicts the effect of clinical trial programs and also the regulatory approval process on usage trends for medical adhesives.

  • Assesses economic factors and design criteria that influence material selection for new medical products.

  • Analyzes application requirements for medical adhesives.

  • Identifies and evaluates market segments with significant growth potential.

More information about the report and its findings is available at

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