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Laser Processing

Wireless data collected directly from patients during normal physical activities could enable the development of better knee implants


Laser Processing

Precision Seam Welding Systems Feature Multiaxis Motion Control

Turnkey laser welding systems include CAD file preprocessors, a multiaxis motion control system, and automatic seam tracking for seam-welding applications. The Generation 6 industrial systems have integrated gloveboxes and are designed to provide precise control and monitoring of the laser welding process and enclosure gas composition analysis. They feature the firm’s DeltaMotion motion control and user-interface system. Data-logging features and application-specific tooling are also available.
Miyachi Unitek Corp., Monrovia, CA

Laser System Converts Gaussian Beam into Flat-Top Profile

A laser-beam-shaping module is designed to convert a Gaussian beam into a focused flat-top profile. The Flat-Top2 generator can output rectangular and square-shaped patterns. The systems features an all-glass refractive beam shaper and can be easily integrated with other standard and fiber-coupled lasers. It is also compatible with lasers that emit at UV, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths. Uses for the system include inspection, assembly, printing, and other applications that require uniform illumination and maximum laser throughput.
StockerYale Canada Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada

High-Speed Marking System Offers Line Flexibility

A laser marking system features flexible system components, including an articulated arm and a small marking head for functioning in tight production-line areas. The Model 3430 can mark up to 2000 characters per second at line speeds up to 50 ft/sec. It is designed to provide crisp, high-quality, permanent marks. An integrated user interface allows the system to be easily moved to different lines as coding needs change. The interface also has password-protected security features and offers users a choice of languages to use on the display. Consumables such as inks, solvents, or compressed air are not required. The marking system has a stainless-steel housing and includes a self-contained cooling unit.
Videojet Technologies Inc., Wood Dale, IL

Color Lasers Mark on a Variety of Materials

Laser marking and engraving systems are suited for use on plastics, silicone, metal, and other substrates. The systems feature a variety of laser types and wavelengths. Capable of marking text, graphics, bar codes and identification numbers, and 2-D data matrix codes, the systems also cut and scribe. In addition, they can mark one or more colors on a variety of materials and operate at marking speeds up to 15,000 mm/sec.
Amtec Inc., Anaheim, CA

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