The Best Medtech Products and Services of 2015

November 6, 2015

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Qmed Staff

One product that has especially caught our eye at Qmed is Langford IC Systems’ “LIC” machine. UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center has installed the LIC machine to clean endoscopes in the aftermath of a deadly superbug outbreak, according to a recent announcement from Proven Process Medical Devices, which helped Langford engineer and test the device.

The LIC uses no connectors, and does not push water and disinfectants through the endoscopes in a garden hose-like, one-way flow like other endoscope cleaning devices, according to Proven Process (Mansfield, MA). Instead, the LIC’s patented technology creates a fluid dynamic that pushes and pulls fluid at fierce velocity. Water and disinfectants reverse directions thousands of times through the scope and its channels, creating a powerful scrubbing action on all of the endoscope’s surfaces, corners and crevices.

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