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November 1, 2002

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN November 2002


My Favorite Bookmarks

Daniele Galavotti
Design Engineer
Rand S.r.l.

Norbert Sparrow


Daniele Galavotti

Biomat Network
(www.biomat.net) is a very informative portal for news about biomaterials. The site has a dedicated section that contains hyperlinks to other relevant resources such as educational and scientific organizations, and industry and market data.

Value Plastics Inc. (www.valueplastics.com) is where I go when I'm searching for a disposable component made of several materials, mainly polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, acetal copolymers, nylon, and polypropylene. I normally use these parts for special prototypes of filters and bioreactors, and dedicated extracorporeal tubing sets.

The European Commission (www.europa.eu.int/comm/research) offers an integrated approach to life sciences in Europe. I'm very interested in the discussion regarding the use of stem cells in new therapies, and this site fosters a better understanding of the fundamentals and context of the debate. The page also includes news on recent developments, information on ethical and legal issues, and articles from leading international newspapers. All in all, it's a gold mine of information.

International Journal of Artificial Organs (www.artificial-organs.com) reports on clinical and experimental developments in the fast-growing field of artificial organs. Sections that I visit frequently include those involving artificial kidneys and dialysis, gas exchange and artificial lungs, liver-assist devices, detoxification, and biomaterials.

The Fast Approach to Standardization in the Internal Market (www.newapproach.org) is an easy, expedient way to access harmonized European Commission norms. In addition to individual countries' standards sites, I often consult this page to download the complete text of current norms.

Rand S.r.l. (Medolla, Italy; www. rand-biotech.com) develops and manufactures adaptable systems for treating a variety of blood-related conditions. Incorporated in 1999, the company also offers the Performer technology platform for meeting a variety of clinical needs.

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