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My Favorite BookmarksMy Favorite Bookmarks

October 1, 2005

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My Favorite Bookmarks

Originally Published MPMN October 2005


My Favorite Bookmarks

Rajan Ramaswamy
Principal Engineer
Novo Engineering Inc.

Corinne Litchfield


Rajan Ramaswamy

Fight technological obsolescence and chat knowledgeably about what they're teaching at MIT these days by checking out the MIT Open CourseWare Web site (www.ocw.mit.edu). This site illustrates the university's commitment to make all of its undergraduate and graduate course materials available online. Use this site to explore the cutting edge of graduate research or to simply review material that you're out of touch with.

For designers, QuickParts (www.quickparts.com) lets you go from CAD model to rapid prototype without leaving your desk. The easy-to-use Web site allows you to upload CAD models for instant quote and subsequent fabrication using a variety of rapid prototyping methods including SLA, SLS, and FDM.

If you have a hard time remembering all the laws of physics, Eric Wiesstein's World of Physics (scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics) is a great online reference. The site covers all the physical laws in an easy-to-read, hyperlinked format. Great for looking up that equation that you can never remember.

Getting quotes from suppliers is made easy with MfgQuote—Stop Searching, Start Sourcing (www.mfgquote.com). This site lets you upload your designs and have them reviewed and quoted by eager suppliers all over the world. You can get multiple quotes for a part in a matter of days. Drawings are uploaded in "e-drawings" format, available from most CAD systems.

The go-to resource for patent information is, as expected, the U.S. Government Patent Office (www.uspto.gov). Offering free and fast access to the full text of all U.S. patents going back to 1976 and images going back to 1790, this site is a veritable treasure trove of information for anyone involved in the creation of intellectual property.

The National Library of Medicine (www.nlm.nih.gov) Web site is a great jump-off point for all kinds of medical information. The site is aimed at a variety of audiences ranging from laymen to professionals. Check out the catalog of human genes and genetic disorders called OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) and see your tax dollars in action.

Novo Engineering Inc. (Vista, CA; www.novoengineering.com) is a design engineering firm experienced in start-to-finish development of a variety of products in both the medical and nonmedical fields.

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