MD&DI Shines a Light on Notable Companies

Originally Published MDDI June 200650 COMPANIES TO WATCH

June 1, 2006

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MD&DI Shines a Light on Notable Companies


There are so many beneficial, even life-saving products produced by the medical device industry every year that we, the editors of MD&DI, would recognize hundreds, maybe thousands, of companies if we could.

However, we selected 50 that we think represent everything that's good about the industry. These companies have formidable track records of success, or the potential for it. Some have developed products that are among the most important in the healthcare market. Others have forged business plans that are the envy of Wall Street. Some have been responsible for stunning technological breakthroughs, and some have transformed the standard of care in certain sectors. And still others have an outlook so promising that we couldn't resist telling their stories. Each of the 50 companies had something that caught our eyes and made us think it is worth keeping tabs on.

Paring the entire industry down to 50 companies worth watching wasn't easy. We solicited nominations from readers, our Editorial Advisory Board and Reader Board, and industry observers. We meticulously analyzed any information we could get our hands on about each nominee, and then we debated among ourselves until we produced the list you see on the following pages.

We think the list reflects the diversity of the industry. It has companies of all sizes. In fact, there are companies so small that they don't yet have any revenues, and there are companies so large that they bring in billions of dollars each year. The list contains companies from all kinds of different sectors, including cardiovascular, orthopedics, neurotechnology, diagnostics, tissue engineering, wound care, and more. It has companies that have been influential enough to reshape an entire sector and companies that have the potential to do so.

This isn't a ranking, nor is it a declaration of the top, best, or most-likely-to-succeed companies in the device industry. The firms are listed alphabetically, for the most part, so what's important is the content, not the order. And what you'll find in that content are tales of companies that are making an outstanding contribution to healthcare and that are expected to continue doing so.

50 Companies to Watch

How to Become Worth Watching

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