June 6, 2002

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Coreco Announces 'Intelligent' Imaging Makeover

Originally Published MPMN June 2002


Coreco Announces 'Intelligent' Imaging Makeover

Norbert Sparrow


The new Intelligent Products Div. of Coreco Imaging will focus on the development of easy-to-use machine vision systems for manufacturing environments.

In an effort to develop affordable easy-to-use machine vision products for use in manufacturing environments, Coreco Imaging has announced the formation of Intelligent Products Div. (IDP; Billerica, MA; www.corecoimaging.com). A wholly owned subsidiary of Coreco Imaging, which designs, develops, and manufactures hardware and software for use in medical imaging and other applications, IDP's mission is to expand the company's product line beyond its traditional OEM market.

"End-users have traditionally shunned machine vision because of its complexity and lackluster performance," says Steve Geraghty, vice president of Coreco Imaging and director of IDP. Although advances have been made in recent years to engineer simpler and more affordable products, there is considerable room for improvement, according to Geraghty. IDP, he adds, will provide robust and cost-effective machine vision solutions that combine intelligence and ease of use.

Drawing on Coreco Imaging's core competencies, IDP is developing application-specific products for use on the factory floor. The products are designed to be deployed in minutes by users with no expert knowledge of the underlying technology. The application logic and intelligence are preinstalled, allowing the devices to be configured by means of a standard Web browser interface.

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