December 13, 2010

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Spotlight on Materials

Medical-grade alloys
Specializing in medical-grade alloys, a supplier offers bar materials used to manufacture an array of medical device components requiring close tolerances. The company's AccuRod ground and polished bar stock made from stainless steel, carbon steel and alloys, aluminum, titanium, tool steel, or exotic materials meets custom specifications for size tolerance, straightness, and roundness. In-stock materials include BioDur Type 316LS stainless steel, Custom 455 martensitic stainless steel, and TrimRite stainless steel. The company's alloys can be provided with tolerances down to 0.000040 in., roundness down to 0.000020 in., and finishes to 2 Ra. The company also offers straightening, cut-length, bar-end chamfering, heat-treating, and inventory management services. In addition, it offers grinding services for customer-supplied components and bars.
Boston Centerless
Woburn, MA

Biomedical textiles
Custom-engineered implantable biomedical textiles are available from a manufacturer for use in cardiovascular, orthopedic, tissue engineering, general surgery, and neurology applications. The ISO 13485:2003- and ISO 9001-certified company designs, prototypes, develops, and manufactures textile components using high-performance metallic and polymeric biomedical materials. The textiles are formed using traditional fabrication methods, including weaving, knitting, and braiding. Biomaterial options include polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, PEEK, high-performance polyethylenes (UHMWPE), bioabsorbable polymers, PGA, PLLA, PCL, various copolymers, radiopaque materials, low-friction polymers, titanium, nitinol, stainless steel, and hybrid biomaterial combinations.
Secant Medical LLC
Perkasie, PA

Implantable silicone raw materials
A manufacturer of silicone raw materials offers more than 100 medical- and implant-grade products. Implant-grade liquid silicone rubber, implant-grade high-consistency rubber with platinum, implant-grade high-consistency rubber with peroxide, medical-grade elastomer dispersions, medical-grade silicone fluids, medical-grade silicone adhesives, and medical-grade silicone gels are offered. The company's capabilities include material selection, a range of processing techniques, design validation, custom formulations, and testing. Certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards, the company maintains a database containing chemical, physical, and biological testing information on its products, including lifetime rat bioassay studies. Supporting data are compiled into a Master File, enabling customers to forgo physical and preclinical testing of products for which data acceptable to the FDA or foreign health ministries already exist.
Applied Silicone Corp.
Santa Paula, CA

Superelastic and shape-memory nitinol
A fully integrated supplier provides superelastic and shape-memory nitinol materials in wire, tube, sheet, strip, and bar-stock forms. Operating ISO 13485-registered facilities, the company implements in-house manufacturing controls for all processes, from drawing precision wire and tubes to fabricating finished components for medical devices. Offered in a range of configurations and sizes and in straight-annealed, as-drawn, or fully annealed condition, the company's nitinol materials are available with black or light oxide, bright-polished, etched, or ground surfaces. A typical final transformation temperature of SE508 superelastic alloy materials is less than 15°C, while the final transformation temperature of SM495 shape-memory alloys is 60º to 70°C.
Nitinol Devices & Components
Fremont, CA

Precious and refractory metals
Offering materials science and manufacturing expertise, a supplier provides a variety of raw materials, from precious and refractory metals to alloys. Available precious metals include platinum, gold, silver, rhodium, ruthenium, and a range of other materials. Refractory metals such as tantalum, niobium, and tungsten, as well as refractory metal alloys, are also provided. In addition, titanium, stainless steel, nickel chrome, and nitinol are used in the supplier's manufacturing processes. Providing materials in a variety of configurations, such as wires, tubes, strips, rods, coils, stylets, core wires, and machined components with or without PVD coating, the manufacturer offers products for cardiac-rhythm management, neurovascular and vascular intervention, neuromodulation, minimally invasive surgery, and x-ray diagnostics.
Heraeus Medical Components
St. Paul, MN

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