AlphaGary Introduces Improved DEHP-Free PVC

January 2, 2004

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AlphaGary Introduces Improved DEHP-Free PVC

Originally Published MPMN January 2004


AlphaGary Introduces Improved DEHP-Free PVC


New DEHP-free PVC compounds are suited for use in dialysis tubing, IV products, and peristaltic pumps.

A materials supplier has announced the availability of DEHP-free PVC compounds that exhibit better heat stability and water-blush resistance than previous formulations. The latex- and bovine-free compounds are made with FDA-approved materials by AlphaGary Ltd. (Leominster, MA; They are designed to meet or exceed USP Class VI and cytotoxicity requirements.

The Series 2228GBF PVC extrusion compounds are available in 50 to 95 Shore A durometers. Available colors range from water-clear to opaque. The materials withstand gamma, EtO, and autoclave sterilization. They can be heat sealed, solvent bonded, or ultrasonically welded to other PVC parts. Heat and humidity resistance and clarity, as well as kink-free performance, are among the key properties.

Device applications include dialysis tubing and storage bags, and IV, drainage, endotracheal, and peristaltic pump devices.

"Our customers are increasingly interested in DEHP- and phthalate-free compounds," says managing director BobGingue. "While they are going through the effort of qualifying a new compound, we are taking this opportunity to provide enhanced materials." The company offers a number of phthalate-free PVC and TPE materials in addition to DEHP-free PVC compounds for extrusion and moldingapplications.

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