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Wireless data collected directly from patients during normal physical activities could enable the development of better knee implants

October 7, 2007

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Sensors and Transducers

Originally Published MPMN October 2007


Sensors and Transducers

Cavity pressure sensors

Cavity pressure sensors with protective housings have been added to a company’s line of sensors. Priasafe sensors 6010B and 6011B measure 2.5 mm diam and feature a short body. Instead of using additional mounting nuts, users can affix the sensors with a thread located on the sensor or without a thread using distance sleeves. The sensor housings are designed to avoid force shunts by maintaining the measured values of a sensor’s sensitivity from the time it is installed. Automatic sensitivity detection prevents deviation from the correct sensitivity value.
Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, OH

Hermetically sealed position sensors

A manufacturer of linear variable differential transformer-based position sensors offers two series of hermetically sealed, loop-powered 4–20 mA position transmitters. The HSI 750 and HSR 750 series units are specifically designed for mechanical position measurement in applications where a hard connection can be made in order to test a piece. They can be configured for a loop-powered two-wire or an externally powered three-wire sourcing output to accommodate different I/O requirements. Blind bore units terminated in glass-sealed axial connectors prevent the core from passing through the coil assembly and are available on the HSI series. Both the HSI and HSR series can be configured with a through-bore design to facilitate easy access to the core.
Macro Sensors, Pennsauken, NJ

SPI bus pressure sensors

A series of digital sensors measure absolute, gauge, or differential pressure. The RCE series features a calibrated and temperature-compensated digital output signal that provides high resolution and fast response times. The sensors have standard serial peripheral interface (SPI) buses and can be interfaced to a microcontroller without requiring additional electronic components. Custom specific outputs, I2C buses, analog, and switching outputs are available by request. The sensors also feature micromachined silicon elements packaged with two pressure ports for manifold or tubing connections, as well as mounting holes for printed circuit board assembly.
Sensortechnics Inc., Walpole, MA

Miniature pressure sensors

A manufacturer has expanded its pressure transducer product line to include sensors for low-pressure ranges. The P6000 product line was also expanded to offer surface-mount configurations designed for oxygen generators, respirators, ventilators, and CPAP equipment. The products can be used in laboratory instrumentation and pneumatic controls. The sensors provide protection against electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge. They are configured to handle absolute, gauge, and differential pressure measurement ranging up to 100 psi for both wet and dry applications.
Kavlico Corp., Moorpark, CA

Beam-type load cells

Load cells can be employed in medical applications such as blood separation dialysis, prosthesis testing, back and neck therapy, and some types of medical product evaluation. The beam-type load cell series MBI and MBP and miniature load cell series SMT and SML feature internal overload protection for tension and compression measurement. No moving parts are used. Several load cell configurations are available, including heights and lengths as small as ¾ in. and capacities as low as 50 g. The load cells also have bonded foil strain gauges.
Interface Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

Force sensors

Force sensors are available for use in devices for sensitive and surgical procedures. FlexiForce sensors measure the forces exerted by various tools during surgery to produce sensitive, tactile responses and accurate simulations. They also certify axial stabilization of tendons and evenness of tissues within joints during surgery to aid recovery. The 0.008-in.-thin flexible printed circuits can be customized for OEM applications.
Tekscan Inc., Boston, MA

MEMS-based sensor

Based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, a sensor features a three-axis digital-output accelerometer. The MMA7450L product is offered in a 0.8-mm plastic land grid array package designed to meet space constraints of portable devices. The digital sensor can communicate on SPI and I2C buses. It also is designed to simplify microprocessor and microcontroller integration by eliminating the need for analog-to-digital convertors.
Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX

OEM load cells

Two models of load cells for OEM applications are designed to function in high- and low-temperature, water-resistant, and high-humidity environments. LSM250 and LSM300 are available in stainless-steel and aluminum versions, and both feature overload protection for tension and compression measurement. They can be used in applications such as medical bag weighing and handheld force gauging. Robotics and force-feedback control devices are among other uses for the load cells. Additional enhancements can be applied for use in MRI systems.
Futek Advanced Sensor Technology Inc., Irvine, CA

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