Measurement Instruments

November 11, 2009

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Measurement Instruments

Originally Published MPMN November/December 2009


Measurement Instruments

Technology Increases Measurement Speed of CMMs

ubd3_74762.jpgCoordinate-measurement machines (CMMs) can perform rapid measurement with image processing by using a manufacturer’s patented technology. Created by a maker of optical and multisensor CMMs, OnTheFly technology can be used with the company’s ScopeCheck and VideoCheck CMMs for medical device manufacturing. Measuring speed is increased because the action is performed while in constant motion; start-stop operation is no longer necessary. The blurriness typically resulting from motion is eliminated by flashing light sources, and measurement time is reduced by up to a factor of 10, according to the company.
Werth Inc.
Old Saybrook, CT

Noncontact System Measures Medical Extrusions
ubde_74761.jpgA noncontact system measures wall thickness, diameter, and concentricity of medical extrusions. Building on the technology behind its 2000-series product, the manufacturer has designed the X-Ray 6020-series system to measure diameters as small as 0.026 in. and wall thickness down to 0.003 in. Like the original technology, this system is illuminated by two x-ray tubes opposed at 90° to create a dual-axis measurement of the extrusion. However, the system can analyze smaller measurements than its predecessor because of the addition of proprietary x-ray tubes that permit the orientation of the x-ray beam for analysis of small diameters and wall thicknesses. The system does not require calibration and features a measurement duration of 3 ms, which ensures that product movement or vibration does not affect measurement accuracy.
Sikora International Corp.
Peachtree City, GA

Microspectrophotometer Enables Quality Control of Microfluidic Devices
ubec_74758.jpgRapid, accurate, and nondestructive microscale analysis is performed by a UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer. Combining an advanced spectrophotometer with a custom-built UV-visible-NIR-range microscope, the Microspectra 121 can analyze samples using multiple analytical techniques, including absorbance, reflectance, and fluorescence from the deep UV to far into the near-infrared regions. It can be employed in medical device manufacturing for the quality control of lab-on-a-chip, or microfluidic, devices as well as for the quality control of drug-doped films deposited on microscopic stents, according to the company. The system also features high sensitivity, user-friendly software, and speed.
Craic Technologies
San Dimas, CA

Mechanism Measures Radial Force of Stents
ubf5_74759.jpgA company’s proprietary radial compression mechanism is offered either as an accessory or as part of a complete measurement solution. The Twin-Cam mechanism is available as an accessory to a customer’s existing tensile testing machine to test the radial force of stents. However, it can also be packaged with a tensile testing machine to offer OEMs a comprehensive, ready-to-use system that measures both the tensile strength and radial force of stents. The radial compression mechanism addresses the problem of die-to-die gapping, which is a common problem among competing compression mechanisms, according to the company. Offered in diameters of 30 or 60 mm, the product features two cam plates on each side, stainless steel dies, low friction, low wear, long life, and a radial force capability of up to 4500 lb of total radial force.
Blockwise Engineering LLC
Phoenix, AZ

Servo-Based Systems Perform Torque Measurement for Medical Products
ubfd_74760.jpgManual, automatic, and inline torque testers are available from a supplier of torque-measurement systems for quality control and production use. The company’s torque testers are fully validatable, accurate, and repeatable. Servo-based technology, product recipes, and quick-change tooling are characteristic of the instruments. Applications in medical device manufacturing have included torque measurement for catheter flow-control testing, syringe attachments, and medical device package testing.
Sarasota, FL

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