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November 12, 2003

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Pumps and Valves

Originally Published MPMN November 2003


Pumps and Valves

Swing-piston compressor

mpmn0311p30a.jpgRated at 15 L/min, a swing-piston compressor is available for usein medical equipment such as nebulizers and suction apparatus, and as a pneumatic air source.The 5-in.-long NPK09 features a brushless dc motor, and generates 100 psi of pressureand vacuum to 27 in.Hg. Suitable for portable applications, the product's speed control, speed signal,and logical on-and-off features enable integration into system logic. KNF NeubergerInc., 2 Black Forest Rd., Trenton, NJ 08691.

Plug valves

mpmn0311p30b.jpgA company offers a varietyof plug valves. The wetted paths are made of chemically inert Teflon and Kel-F materialsrated at 100 psig or less. The valves can be used as stand-alone devices, or certain modelscan also be panel mounted. 
The valve position is controlled manually via a handle attached to the valve stem. Connectionsare via 1¼4-28 UNF-SB
fittings. Hamilton Co., 4970 Energy Way, Reno, NV 89502.

Plastic-body valve

mpmn0311p30c.jpgA bidirectional, barbed, plastic-body valve is constructedwith Bay blend FR110, acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene, and polycarbonate materials. The 2X1958is offered as part of the company's series of two-way normally closed valves. With 
a 1¼8-in. orifice, the component hasa coefficient of variance of 0.245, a maximumpsi of 30, and a power rating of 7 W. Norgren-Kip Fluid Controls, P.O. Box 468, Farmington, CT 06034.

Vacuum pumps

mpmn0311p30d.jpgA range of vacuum pumps uses technology that emphasizes modularity and efficiency, with a compressed- air-driven module at its core. Using the company's Coax technology, the P3010 pump module is clipped into a click-in strip that can handle up to four pumps without tools. Designed for easy maintenance and installation, the products are 0.65 in. wide and weigh 3 oz. The pumps can create a vacuum pressure as low as 27 in.Hg at 45 psi inlet pressure. With no moving parts, the component holds the noise level down to 66 dBa. Piab Vacuum Products, 65 Sharp St., Hingham, MA 02043.

Check valves

mpmn0311p30e.jpgOne-way check valves are available with barbed and straight fittings in many sizes. A company's proprietary design of the internal discs of the valves ensures that they open at a very low pressure (less than 2.5 in.of water). The units, made of medical-grade acrylic and silicone, are 100% tested to ensure that backflow is not possible even at very lowback pressure. The valves can be sterilized with EtO or radiation methods.Steam-autoclavable check valves are available on special request. Miniature valves with male and female luer ends are also offered. Resenex Corp., 9614 Cozycroft Ave. #F, Chatsworth, CA 91311.

Diaphragm pump

mpmn0311p30f.jpgA diaphragm pump enableshigh-precision dosing in the nanoliter range for many aggressive media including organic and inorganic solvents. With a PEEK body and perfluoroelastomer seals, the Type 7604 micropump has a fluid temperature range of 50° to 140°F, with a maximum pressure at 2.9 psi. The product's fluid flow rate reaches up to 4 ml/min with a 40-Hz maximum pump frequency allowing a pulsation-free flow. With a width of 11 mm, the unit can be mounted with standard bodies configured for surface-mount or tube connections. Applications include microdosing, probe preparation, syringe and peristaltic pump replacement, and lubricant dosing.Burkert, 2602 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92614. 

mpmn0311p30g.jpgRobotic fluid-dispensing system

A provider of precision fluid-control solutions offers a system delivering accurate liquid dispensing for automated manufacturing and laboratory procedures. Suitable for robotic fluid-dispensing and fluid-spotting applications, the Model 
2-4 system can be directed by the company's PC-controllable RS-485 communication. With an accuracy of up to ±0.05 coefficient of variance, the equipment provides pumping capability with positive-displacement devices, fluid measurement, and flow control.Encynova, 557C Burbank St., Broomfield, CO 80020.

mpmn0311p30h.jpgDisk valve

A disk valve handling water flow of 550 ml/min at 1 psi features a positive shutoff to eliminate backflow. This makes the product virtually leakproof. The latex-free product can withstand 60 psi of back pressure and less than 0.25 psi of crack pressure. With a silicone seal disk in a polycarbonate housing, the valve is available in a variety of tube-end and luer-connection configurations. Halkey-Roberts Corp., 11600 9th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33716. 

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