September 1, 2000

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Electronic Connectors

Originally Published September 2000


Electronic Connectors

Sealed circular connectors

0009p36a.jpgAn extensive line of sealed circular connectors withstand operating temperatures of 200°C and are rated up to IP68. The connectors are highly chemical resistant and are safe for all medical sterilization procedures. More than 30 intermatable sealed and unsealed body types are available for cable and panel mounting. Contact configurations include coaxial, triaxial, multipole, mixed, high-voltage, and thermocouple, in standard and custom designs. Fischer Connectors, 115 Perimeter Center Pl., Atlanta, GA 30346.

High-density interconnections

0009p36b.jpgA supplier of high-precision custom components for medical device OEMs offers extreme-density (>5-µm trace/space) microminiature flexible circuits that allow designers to install high-density interconnections for communicating transmitters and transducers directly into intravascular, subcutaneous, or implantable devices for diagnostic imaging, monitoring, or drug administration. The company also produces microminiature electroformed components (>1-µm features) and high-aspect-ratio micromechanical parts for use in either mechanical or electronic connectors. Dynamics Research Corp., Metrigraphics Div., 60 Concord St., Wilmington, MA 01887.

Interconnect solutions

A company specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom interconnect solutions for a variety of industries. It uses spring-loaded contact probes to create highly reliable electronic connectors. Products include test sockets, radial and modular interfaces, multicycle connectors, battery contact assemblies, and coaxial probe blocks. Synergetix, 310 S. 51st St., Kansas City, KS 66106.

Memory card connectors

0009p36c.jpgSecure digital memory (SDM) card connectors offer both integral card detect and write protect. Designated the 5638 series, these secure digital association–compatible connectors accept the new postage-stamp size of removable flash storage media developed by Toshiba, SanDisk, and Matsushita (Panasonic). The SDM connectors feature a nine-contact configuration with SMT tails located within the connector body to save PCB space. Guide rails ensure proper alignment while incorporating mechanical and grounding tabs and location bosses. AVX Corp., P.O. Box 867, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578.

PCB blocks

0009p36d.jpgPluggable printed circuit board (PCB) terminal blocks eliminate the need for a PCB mount header. The Combicon-Edge units plug directly to the edge of standard 0.062-in. PCBs and are firmly secured by an engagement latch. The terminal blocks use a spring-cage connection. Any number of positions can be established by aligning individual terminal blocks. Phoenix Contact Inc., P.O. Box 4100, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

Flexible jumpers

0009p36e.jpgFlexible jumpers are suitable for board-to-board, board-to-display, board-to-connector, or board-to-sensor interconnection or any connection requiring flexibility. Jumpers can be customized to fit the I/O space available for specific surface-mount or through-hole applications. They are manufactured on any pitch down to 0.010 in. (0.005-in.-diam wire with 0.005-in. spaces) with any material as conductors—from 20 to 40 AWG in round, stranded, or flat form. The dielectric is polyimide H film, making the jumpers good for wave, IR, vapor-phase, or hot-air soldering. Elmec Manufacturing, 4127 Avenida de la Plata, Oceanside, CA 92056.

Connector with autocoupling mechanism

0009p36f.jpgThe PL3-series connector features an autocoupling mechanism. The connector is available in kit or cable assembly formats and offers a contact capacity of up to 27 positions. The kit features a sleek back shell that assembles without hardware, giving the product a custom overmolded look. Fourteen standard color combinations give the PL3 the ability to blend into most contemporary front-panel designs. Alden Products, 117 N Main St., Brockton, MA 02301-3908.

Miniature electronic connectors

Miniature electronic connectors are available in standard and custom single-row, two-row, and circular configurations on centerlines ranging from 0.0125 to 0.050 in. They conform to MIL-PRF-83513 and are designed specifically for applications such as medical electronics. The manufacturer's capabilities include everything from prototyping to high-volume production. Omnetics Connector Corp., 7260 Commerce Circle E., Minneapolis, MN 55432-3103.

Multicontact connector

0009p36g.jpgA company offers multicontact connectors such as this 286-contact model, which was used to connect two major modules of a portable blood dialysis machine. It features a crimp-removable contact plug and compliant termination receptacle for solderless application to the PWB. It is blind matable with float-mount provisions for the plug and features a plug side rail design that provides rotational alignment during the mating cycle. IEH Corp., 140 58th St., Ste. 8E, Brooklyn, NY 11220.

Push-pull connectors

Connectors based on a push-pull locking design ensure protection against vibrations, shock, and accidental disconnects. The JBX-JKX connectors have been designed for aesthetic appeal to enhance the overall appearance of equipment front panels in high-visibility applications. The connectors' manufacturer also produces a variety of other interconnect products and systems. FCI Interconnections Group, 25 Grumbacher Rd., York, PA 17402.

Terminal blocks

0009p36h.jpgA series of terminal block strips connect 28-12 AWG and have a current rating of 24 A with a rated voltage of 500 V. The Series 869 terminal blocks are suitable for use in electrical appliances and small terminal boxes. They combine the advantages of modular DIN rail–mounted blocks with small overall dimensions and direct mounting. Screw fixing and snap-in mounting options provide safe support to the terminal strips. WAGO Corp., P.O. Box 1015, Germantown, WI 53223.

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